Welcome to Poodle Writes. This is where I record the sometimes intelligent but mostly dorky thoughts I want immortalized on the internet.

This is the section of my blog where I divulge deeply personal facts about myself.

This explains the name of my blog.

My name is Kimber Albrechtsen, née Hamson.  I live with my husband and two cherubim children in Houston, Texas. I am a stay-at-home mom who loves leaving the house, especially if there are Chick-fil-A waffle fries involved in the excursion. My dream is to be a published author. Every night I wish on a star for my dream to come true, until one night I realized the star I had been wishing on was actually just a light from a distant oil refinery. So I have this blog instead.

If my blog had a face, this would be it.

Two truths and a lie:

-I was born in Texas, but claim Boise, Idaho as my hometown.
-I have a B.S. in Marriage and Family Studies from BYU. This means I am a perfect mother and I have a perfect marriage. maybe
-One time I tripped and fell into a box full of scorpions.

My husband, Nathan, is an engineer-turned-business-analyst for ExxonMobil, and since being hired two years ago, his blood has slowly turned to crude oil, and his soul has wasted into capitalist smog. I love him.

Engagement photos. Look how young and well-rested we look.

Graham is almost three. He loves tomatoes, and whatever toy he is currently obsessed with: stuffed chihuahua named "Nacho," frog puppet, pink teddy bear named "Patch," beige teddy bear named "Mack," plastic dinosaur, Matchbox ambulance, giraffe puppet, plastic lego giraffe, stuffed Nemo. Read about how I love his grossness here, or about how he is not a brick here.

He's the one in the blue hat being adorable.

Ruby is eight months old (as of Jan 2014), and can crawl backwards. Her favorite foods include green curry, lentil soup, and any spare bit of paper she can find. She smiles incessantly.

She's the one in the owl hat being adorable.

Blogging milestones:

-Start a blog : accomplished April 2011

-Get a spam comment : I can't find when because I deleted them all ... but thank you to the Asian robot who made it possible!

-Meet my favorite blogger : accomplished January 2012 in Macey's

-Get a comment from someone I've never met : accomplished February 2012

-Host a giveaway : accomplished March 2012 when I gave away some lounge pants

-Win a blogging award : This was completely unexpected, and at first I was concerned it was a scam, but I was chosen as one of ten humor bloggers for Babble's 100 Best Bloggers of 2013. Allow me a moment to strut around my living room like a peacock.

-Get a hate comment (come on, that's when you know you've made it big!) :This hasn't happened, although I did get some passionate comments about this post.

-Get paid to blog : I don't think this counts, but any links to Amazon are affiliate links. So far I've made 72 cents. Consider this my disclaimer, FTC.

-Attend a blogging conference : ???

-Quit my day job and blog full-time : Just kidding, kids.

-Auction my clothing to readers via ebay : ???

-Have a play date with Taza : (Naomi, call me!)

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