Thursday, July 9, 2015

Ridiculously Easy, No-sew Baby Doll Carrier Tutorial, + Random Life Tips

I'm no Martha Stewart, but sometimes I have good mothering/housekeeping/crafty ideas. Here are a few random ones that have made me particularly delighted:

-When you're on vacation or an outing that you want to Instagram the heck out of to show that you actually get off your couch sometimes ... but you're out of memory on your phone! Curses! You don't want to spend ten minutes going through your photo stream to find and delete the forty pictures that your toddler took of her toes, because the moment is about to pass! The pony ride is about to be over, people! Instead, pick an app to delete. You can easily reload it later when you've had a chance to transfer your pictures to your computer. I usually delete my BBC or CNN apps. News can wait when you're making memories (make sure you read this in a grandfather-from-a-Nicholas-Sparks-novel voice).

-Instead of peeling the safety seal off your vanilla (or other extracts or liquids you usually only need a small amount of), cut a small slit in the seal so you have more control over how fast it comes out. If yours comes in a plastic bottle, you can even give it a little squeeze to fill that teaspoon a quarter-second faster. You'll spill less and will neatly sidestep your phobia of accidentally wasting half the bottle of your expensive Madagascar bourbon vanilla if your hand twitches.

-Here's how to make a super-easy, no-sew baby doll carrier with which your kids can adorably imitate you. Seriously, this project will last as long as Donald Trump's political career.

Lay out  an old t-shirt and mark it for cutting like so:

Note my summer toenails.
Cut through both layers. 

In case you skipped kindergarten and don't know what "cutting" means.
One of your scraps can be used as a chic dickie.

You have to make this face when you're wearing a dickie.

Your project should look like this now. I forgot to take a picture of the next set of cut lines before I cut them, so I added them in digitally. I love technology.

Cut on these lines, but THROUGH ONE LAYER.

Unfolded, it should look like this. I love that down arrow.

It's like a disembodied bunny coming in for a hug.

 More cut lines. Again, THROUGH TOP LAYER ONLY.

All done!!! 

Now to put it on. Tie the waist straps at the back.

Remember to support baby while you're securing the carrier. Just kidding, it's just a stuffed polar bear.

Cross straps across the back and tie in front.

Support the neck!!
 So cute. Make another one. Goodness knows you have BYU t-shirts to spare.

Baby carriers are practically clothes.

Little mama.
 Awesome! If you make one, send me a picture and I will put it on the blog along with an interview where I highlight how amazing you are at being a person.

Gotta go make some lentils. Adios.


  1. This upcycled tshirt doll carrier is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  2. just to confirm, you used an adult tee shirt, right?

  3. I love this! I was ready to spend $15-$20 for my daughter's birthday, but definitely making this instead!

  4. You are a génius! Child happy, fleece monkey happy for an old shirt and 10 minutes!

  5. A big smile grew across my face when I seen this no sew baby carrier thankyou for sharing I will b making a few for my grandaughters x

  6. I’ve had this post pinned to a board titled “some day I will have tons of spare time to do all the things...” for over a year. So, ya know, now that I have sufficiently procrastinated (always within two days of my deadline) on figuring out what to put in an Easter basket for my 7 year old, I decided to go ahead and take on one of the zillion DIY projects that I already purchased materials for but have not completed. I decided to make the fancy soft structured buckle doll carrier that she asked for daily for six months until I bought the materials, then I put off the actual execution of the project until she stopped asking for it. Might as well whip that up before she outgrows playing with dolls, right? Of course the sewing machine jammed over and over again, and I may or may not have thrown it out the window. (I didn’t, but I really wanted to!) Back to Pinterest to check out the no-sew doll carrier. So here I am. First time reading your blog and omg you are hilarious. I just made this doll carrier in 15 minutes. It would have taken 2 minutes but I got distracted going through the tote of clothes to be donated. I found a 3X tee shirt to cut up, so the straps are extra super long. I also had enough scrap material to make a doll carrier for the doll. What?? Your dolls don’t have smaller dolls of their own?! Must just be my kid that goes over the top on every.single.thing she does. Anyway, I figured the 18” doll would probably like to have a doll carrier made out of the armpit of my old tee shirt. I don’t know who wouldn’t, really. I’ll try to send you pictures.


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