Monday, July 28, 2014

Laundry and House-hunting

I'm sitting on my couch, the children are asleep, and I am thinking to myself, "I should write something, but I have no idea what to write about ..."

Then I realized I was surrounded by the most exciting thing, ever, and that I should write about it.


Laundry, and a blanket featuring polar bears and other arctic animals, oh my!

Oh my heck, it's everywhere. I'm thiiiis close to adopting my brother-in-law's uniform system, which is exactly what it sounds like. I think he owns ten black polos and half as many pairs of khaki shorts. When he's not working or exercising (there's another uniform for that), this is all he wears. I think this would make life easier, if a lot more drab. I wouldn't waste a second thinking about what I should wear, though.

This is not exciting to write about at all. Here is the recipe I use for homemade laundry detergent, though. It's saved me a ton of money, although sometimes the lack of scent makes me glum. I guess I could add essential oils (or something? I have no idea what I'm doing) to make my laundry smell not bland. That might help me adjust to a uniform system, if they at least smelled like they had a personality.

What else can I write about? How about how we are NOT moving to Qatar. Nathan heard at work that he was up for an overseas assignment to Qatar, the little pimple of land poking off of Saudi Arabia, so for a while I was excited about all the great Indian food I've heard is over there, and also for a maid (because YOLO EXPAT), but then today he heard it's probably not going to happen. So we are back to our plan of buying a house in Houston suburbia, ie Spring, TX. I've been perusing the Houston real estate website,, and feeling judgy about Texas architecture. Also the photos some realtors take are embarrassing. Seriously, just put the toilet seat down and make sure there aren't any creepy people lurking in the background. Not that hard.

Not moving here.

A few months ago, had an almost-perfect house for sale (gone now, of course). You could tell Mormons lived there (garden, telling artwork, general vibe--fellow Saints, you know what I'm talking about), and I just wanted to buy up the house and their entire life with it. I know that sounds super creepy, but I just want to find somewhere where I know a family like ours would be happy. I want Graham to have a ready-made buddy with a cool mom living next door, and a library close enough so we can go to story time together. I want my other next-door neighbor to have a catering business so she brings me sweet leftovers all the time. Across the street could be an empty-nester couple who dote on my children and Nate can mow their lawn while they offer me iced sweet tea on the porch, and then I say, "I actually don't drink tea because I'm Mormon, but here's some zucchini bread!" and then they laugh and we share some bread, and then I turn around to see Ruby drinking some iced tea straight out of the pitcher and it's funny but also a little awkward. Further down the street would live a mysterious old woman whom my children grow up thinking is a witch.

Other than that, I want a house with four bedrooms, an office with French doors, a decent-sized yard, an open floor plan, and vaulted ceilings and a ton of natural light in the living room. And Nathan insists on two sinks in the master bathroom. Also, no tile in living areas (because I am excited to lounge on a comfy floor while my children frolic in chaos around me).

If you are selling this house, please contact me ASAP.


  1. I make a similar laundry soap, same problem. Clean clothes, but no yummy Gain smell. I did buy some Mr Clean that smells like Gain, so I can go take a big whiff if I'm jonesin :) Also, I just pulled two loaves of zucchini bread out of the oven... Are we the same person?

    1. Sometimes I go down the detergent aisle at the grocery store just to breathe it all in. And it's zucchini season--what else to do with the hundred pounds of excess crop from the garden? Although I admit the last time I made it, I bought the zucchini from the store. It felt so weird.

  2. We have the same requirements when it comes to a will find it!

  3. You are awesome! Good luck house hunting!


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