Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Introducing Clove and Peppercorn Photography / Ombré Dove Portraits

Path to blogger domination:

* Use a weird synonym in the place of children (cherubim)
* Have a charming and twee nickname for your husband (Nate?) X
* Get an iPhone
* Go to hip restaurants all the time (Chick-fil-A represent!) X 
* Acquire moccasins for your baby/toddler (in all seriousness, these are actually super cute, soft, and affordable)
* Convince your husband to agree to purchase a DSLR and start your own professional photography business! ✓ohmyheck☺☻♥♦starfish emoji!!

I couldn't decide between my two best name ideas, Clove and Peppercorn Photography and Ombré Dove Portraits, so I decided to use them both (thank you, Erin, for your sage business advice). Clove and Peppercorn will cover the engagement and wedding side of the business, while Ombré Dove will focus on newborn and boudoir projects. I'm working on a scented, double-sided business card as well as a website that will take forever to load because of all the RAW format images I'll post.

This will be filed in the "Sports" section of my portfolio because the horse in the background was caught in the middle of a dramatic tail-whip.

I have my first shoot tomorrow morning at a gritty urban location. I'm getting paid in chocolate, which is totally reasonable because chocolate:money::my skills:real skills. I also get to tell my husband I'm finally using the camera I made him buy me after he bought an expensive, yet comfy, leather recliner. And the final pico on top: my favorite taco place is nearby so I'm planning to get some breakfast tacos afterwards because being a professional photographer is hard, you guys. I actually don't even know because I haven't done it yet, but I'm pretty sure I'll suffer the kind of fatigue that can only be ameliorated with a potato-egg-cheese Torchy's taco.

Ignore the line behind her. I haven't learned Photoshop, yet, sheesh. Stop criticizing.

Really, though, I love my new camera even though it weighs as much as a 24-week fetus. Despite my incompetence, it takes great pictures. And by "great," I mean way better than my old point-and-shoot that gave everyone devil eyes.

Sometimes the background is a little off and your kid looks like he has a purple monkey tail. These things happen, and the true professional knows not to let it convince her to give a discount on prints.

If you want to schedule a session, I charge milk chocolate for a family sitting, a box of Trader Joe's hot lava cakes for a newborn shoot, and a $5 donation to the Houston Public Library (in my name ... to be put towards my debt there) for individual headshots (20% discount for fellow aspiring authors, but you MUST pose with your fist under your chin, elbow propped on a stack of Reader's Digest anthologies, eyes staring into the post-apocalyptic future).

Book yours today!


  1. You are so cool! I didn't know you were venturing into the whole "professional" (quotes for a reason there, no offense, I know you don't take it) photography thing! Have you acquired a set of props for outdoor shoots? You know, stuff that doesn't actually belong in nature, but makes perfect sense in a picture? (e.g. antique wingback chairs in vintage upholstery, a piano you distressed by hand, plastic animal masks ala "The Purge")

  2. P.S. I would like to book Rayna's senior portraits. Do you still have openings for 2028 graduates??

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