Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fashion Icon Maven Personal Profile (FIMPP): Stephanie Mitchell

Now that I'm a fashion blogger, I realized I have to start talking about clothes ... and today I wore a t-shirt of questionable origins and a striped knit skirt Nathan calls my "clown skirt"--I got both items secondhand (and not in a fun vintage way ... more like in a "hey I don't want this crappy skirt anymore" "ok, I'll take it because it looks comfy and I can sew that little hole in the thigh" way) This look obviously can't be showcased today, at least not without some killer accessorizing ... but right now my only accessory is a scab on my chin.

Even though I am not bloggable today, I have someone who is!

That's right, it's time for the very first Fashion Icon Maven Personal Profile!!! FIMPP!! (rhymes with pimp, but without the dirty social connotations)

I'll be highlighting some of my best-dressed friends in this ongoing series.

Presenting FIMPP #1: Stephanie Mitchell

Stephanie is one of my BFFsince-the-preexistenceFFs. We lived down the street from each other in middle school and high school, and we were roomies in college ... basically this proximity, our shared clothing size, and her impeccable taste meant I was always borrowing her clothes.

From her "mugger in velvet" photo spread (Halloween '06)
I asked Stephanie to give us some insight into her personal style, and I also gave her the challenge of styling a few looks to help us grasp her fashion spirit. Here she is:

What inspires your clothing choices?

I draw most of my inspiration from the world around me! When I see an entire glass of milk that's been spilled on my kitchen floor before 8 am, I usually feel inspired to stay in sweats that day. If it's 5:00 pm and my husband will be home in half an hour, I try to channel a sort of old-t-shirt-wearing, Kim-Kardashian-but-with-no-make-up-or-drama-to-speak-of look. I think I've almost nailed it!
If you could describe your style in three words ... ?
1. Clothes
2. are
3. necessary
This does not apply to children 3 and under, although I do sometimes count a diaper as clothing (for the children, not me).

How has your style evolved as a mother?

As a mother, it's easy to just let your personal style go, in favor of other things like sleeping, or staying sane. But I've learned that you don't have to choose between style and sanity! I will say that one of my strengths is planning coordinated outfits for myself and my children. The best way to do this is for everyone to wear their pajamas all day long. In the summer, you can also do this with swimsuits.
What is your clothes-purchasing philosophy?
There are several approaches to clothes shopping, but the one I'm going to highlight is called "wearing the same things you wore in high school 10 years ago." I don't mean the same style, I mean the very same articles of clothing. I can recommend this because it's the only one I consistently do. Take this shirt I received in 2003:

2006: Quite possibly the best look I've put together with this piece
2008: It's colorfast like you wouldn't believe
2013: The shirt today. Funny, it's seemed to shrink in recent years...
Bonus picture: 
Kim, love your take on this timeless classic. You've created something that really speaks to what this top is all about.
I like to think of my style as constantly evolving, though. My dream is to someday dress as a real adult who wears accessories and stuff like that. Every BYU t-shirt that turns into cleaning rags is a step closer.

Stephanie, thank you so much for sharing a piece of your cotton-knit world with us!  And I love what you put together with that vintage tee. So much versatility with a piece like that--I think you nailed it.

Thanks to our first FIMPP, Stephanie Mitchell!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Oh. My. Chevron. You guys.

I got an iphone, and nothing is the same. It's like I emerged from a cocoon of technological mediocrity, in tandem with the iphone as it likewise escaped its sleek white box into my waiting palms. I am now a butterfly.


I can do so much more with my life now. I can Instagram pictures of everything I eat. Oh, and everyone I love.


I can read BBC (natch) while Graham pilfers pretzel goldfish from his friends at the park. I can read my scriptures on my phone at church just like everyone I used to judge. I can listen to Pandora while I run a route I'm mapping via an app that tells me just how much slower I am than I thought. I can do anything. I can even ... drumroll ...


That's right. This is happening. So I was on my phone, testing my Spanish skills on an app that I selected because of its adorable bird mascot, when it spoke to me--not in Spanish ... it was the spirit of the phone trying to commune with me, not the app that kept blabbing on about how some niño wanted a red shirt.

Anyway, I listened, because when god starts talking, you listen, amiright?

Here's what happened:

iPhone: I have the. best. idea.

Kimber: Yes, my precious?

iPhone: How about you go put on an awkwardly-coordinated outfit, dig your non-prescription nerd glasses out of the costume box, and make your husband take take a hundred pictures of you posing like an amateur in the street in front of your house. Your neighbors won't think you're weird at all, probably.

Kimber: GREAT idea.

iPhone: YOLO

ignore the crushed beer can that fell out of my neighbor's recycling bin
oh ... what's that sound? perhaps the flutter of my authenticity flying away ... how can the iphone make me so iphony?
I'm sooo excited to share this look with you. You know how it's getting to be Autumn, so you want to break out your boot stash? But you are still attached to your flowy, summer-style cotton peasant maxi skirt ... so, mindblown, put them together. Peanut butter and jelly fashion, my friends.

thinking about Jack Kerouac, or else how the design on my skirt totally goes with the oil stains on the road

Then I knew I just had to complete the ensemble with my go-to chambray button-up. Because nothing adds working-class legitimacy to this Laura Ingall's-inspired look like chambray.

Shoes: Steve Madden, Tights: I forgot, Underwear: none of your business, Skirt: Target, Belt: Target, Top: Eddie Bauer, Watch: Husband's castaway (doesn't that sound like a great brand? .. or else a great name for a feminist band?), Eyewear: Amazon, Earrings: street vendor in Barcelona *elitist cough*, Hair elastic: Alexander McQueen, maybe.

This is just the nascence of my fashion blogger quest. Some other projects in the queue:

-I'm teaming up with the best little vintage boutique I found downtown. I'm going to be putting together a few looks from their new fall line. It's called Goodwill, which kind of sounds like Madewell if you squint your ears.

-Tomorrow we're having a guest post from one of my fashion icons. Her style is so inspiring--it's like her clothes could be my spirit animal. I can't wait to show you the looks she's curated!

hashtag nonchalant selfie

iPhone: All too easy.