Monday, July 29, 2013

Forgiveness Chickpeas

Let me tell you about the first time I had roasted chickpeas. It was the semester before I got married, and I was living with a group of girls I didn't know very well. One of my roommates was making roasted chickpeas, but before they were done, she had to step out of the apartment for some reason. She asked me to take them out of the oven for her. I said yes.

I should be a food blogger, I know.

I took them out on time, and then proceeded to eat a bunch of them because they were delicious. I should mention that I really did not get along with this roommate ... thus mitigating any guilt I should have been feeling at stealing a bunch of her chickpeas.

This is my attempt at recreating one of those overly dramatic food-in-hand presentation shots. Because that's how people feed their kids, with both hands, like a river otter. Whatever.

It was a rough semester for us as roommates. I was engaged (i.e. oblivious to everyone around me), and she wasn't having a great semester for reasons I never fully understood because I was lame and never took the time to get to know her. So we clashed a few times, and we did not part as friends. This really bothered me, so a while ago I wrote her a message apologizing for being such a lame roomie. I had no idea how or if she would respond, so imagine my delight when she did reply, and she was very nice and even told me my kids were cute. I am so happy I emailed her. I feel so much better about it all. Except today when I was making roasted chickpeas, I remembered how I'd stolen a bunch from her ... so Roomie, if you read this one day, know that I feel bad for taking them, but also grateful that you inadvertently introduced me to the deliciousness that is a roasted chickpea.


Forgiveness Chickpeas

*1 can chickpeas/garbanzo beans (both names sound lovely, so pick your favorite)
*1-2 T olive oil
*spices/seasoning (I used Penzey's "Mural of Flavor" spice mix--delish. You can use ANY spices you want--garlic powder, cayenne, black pepper, BBQ seasoning, etc. Someone make a cinnamon sugar batch and tell me how they are ...)

I thought you needed a picture of all three ingredients. You know, in case you can't read.
Mix all ingredients and spread onto cookie sheet. Roast 30-40 minutes at 450 F.

Put foil on your cookie sheet so you don't have to do dishes! Housewife win.

Reconciliation tastes so good.

Graham loves chickpeas. I love hearing Graham say "chickpeas."

Who do you need to reconcile with? Tell me, then go write them an apology email ... or else send them a can of garbanzo beans with a nice note and this recipe.


  1. I have had these and it takes about 4 1/2 minutes to eat them all! Good little crunchy snack with protein.
    That last picture of Graham looks like he has a little tutu on.
    I don't think the lady that I owe an apology to is still alive. I will have to ask her for forgiveness in heaven (or NOT heaven) when I get there. Her last words to me were, "How can you treat me this way? I might have breast cancer!" Then I threw her out of my house.

  2. I recently had a sister from my mission write me to forgive me for something I never did. Said she's been carrying hatred toward me for the past five years and it was time to forgive me. Hilarious! She felt so much better about herself after writing that one. I felt better after politely telling her I forgive her for believing lies about me and being a horrible person. We both won!

    Now I want roasted chickpeas.

  3. Mooohahahahahha. You use Penzeys Spices. Another convert for Auntie Alicia. Personally, I'd use Northwoods or Northwood's Fire. Although Mural is about the most versitile flavor they have. I am currently out and I am a little sad about it. These sound AWESOME. And very Peewee friendly. I'm on it!!


  4. Love the two-handed shot. Your photography skills blow me away.


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