Thursday, January 17, 2013

2013 Resolutions Shmesolutions

Yeah, I'm late, and yeah, not all of these fit the criteria for a "good goal" (recordable, reachable, blah blah blah), but this is what I scribbled while finishing a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats (with almonds) this morning.

Anything good is built on a foundation of Honey Bunches of Oats.

Also, there are 25 things because I'm turning 25 this year and I wanted an excuse to scratch "experiment with laundry solutions" off my original list.

1. Go to a rock concert. Trans-Siberian Orchestra doesn't count.

2. Read the scriptures. I'm shooting for 90% frequency, with at least 50% consisting of true "study" that involves finding and opening and maybe writing in my scripture journal.

3. Birth a baby.

4. Buy a belt. And maybe that buffalo print Nathan doesn't like.


5. Organize my desk. Attempt to maintain the organization. Hang the buffalo print by my desk so Nathan doesn't have to see it when he leaves for/comes home from work because really I'd like to put it in the entryway.

6. Get rid of clothes I never wear. Be discriminating and ruthless.

7. Write letters.

8. Blog once a week. Maybe apply to Blogher to sell my creative soul for enough money to buy me lunch at Thai Spice (the lunch special comes with bonus spring rolls!) once a year.

9. Finish my novel and submit it to agents.

10. Submit a short story for publication.

11. Sew something. The plan right now is to save a grubby old t-shirt by upcycling it into an odd-shaped pillow. It won't be t-shirt shaped, though, because that would be weird, like child taxidermy or something.

12. Lose the baby weight. I'm actually excited for this because I took way too long to get my act together last time, and I regretted it because by the time I was back to where I wanted, it was time to sacrifice my vanity upon the altar of the pregnancy gods once more. Next time I want more than two months to enjoy fitting in my pants before I start barfing. Also, I genuinely like being healthy. Also, is it unethical to join a gym with free babysitting and then just read or something in the lounge area for a while instead of going to Zumba?

13. Go one month without processed sugar. This one might fall into the unreachable category, but I feel trendy and empowered putting it on my list.

14. Make and maintain friendships. Making friends isn't easy for me, but I do like having them once I've gotten through the awkward friend-dating stage. Also an excuse to go out to lunch more.

15. Play music in the house more often. This will probably involve moving the stereo to a location that doesn't require a child lock because dealing with those things are just emotionally exhausting for some reason.

16. Start a family journal.

17. Put my clothes away every night. No piling them up somewhere.

18. Buy art for my home. Maybe the buffalo print. Maybe this one.


19. Finish "styling" the buffet in my dining room. By "styling" I mean taking all the crap off the top and replacing it with more aesthetically pleasing stuff. I also want to get rid of the odd smell inside. Ideas for that?

20. Watch the five-hour BBC Pride and Prejudice. I've only seen the first four hours! I'm replacing this one with "Start buying whole chickens raised responsibly. That's the meat I eat the most and the increased cost of free-range meat will help us eat less of it. Also, I am scared and sickened by handling pre-butchered chicken meat, yet inexplicably amused and charmed by a whole chicken carcass. Also, try grass-fed beef."

21. Potty-train Graham. I'm thinking the juice box method might be my choice, or else the run around naked in the backyard until he figures it out method.

22. Go to a rodeo or fair. Eat lots of fried food.

23. Go to the temple twelve times.

24. Run in a race.

25. Go to the Houston Renaissance Faire and enjoy watching Nathan eat a turkey leg.

That's it. If I accomplish anything else this year it won't be premeditated.

What New Year's resolution are you not going to keep?


  1. I like the bison print. It is weirdly serene. Also I would be happy to send you one of my chickens when it slows down its laying or Brighton accidentally murders it. They are happy and free range. And I, too, have a 12 times this year temple goal. I have a chain in my walk in closet made from sparkly gold paper to remind me. Your post also reminds me that I have to make my 2013 to do list before its not 2013 anymore....


  2. Love it Kim. And I love the " time to sacrifice my vanity upon the altar of the pregnancy gods," because that sounds just about exactly the same way I feel about it :)

  3. haha! I love the buffalo print comments. you are so awesome! :) love, love, love.

  4. No. 21 "run around naked in the backyard" meaning Graham, not you???? (smile)

  5. You can easily go a month without processed sugar. You'll hate your life for the first two weeks, but this is a totally achievable goal.

    Pete's Meats in town sells pastured whole chickens for $2.39/pound. They're great.

    Grass fed beef is the bees knees. Does taste a bit different and is lean so beware of over-cooking. I've got a hookup with a rancher at Eastside Farmers Market. Or you can buy a pound of his ground beef from me for $5 (that's what I bought it for).


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