Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lounge Pants Winner!

Congratulations to the the champion lounger: Stephanie Mitchell!

Steph is a lounger after my own heart. We were roomies freshman year, so I've been privy to some excellent lounges of hers. I would tell her to email me with her lounge pant size, but as we've been friends for about a decade now, I already know ... also because I used to borrow her clothes all the time. Like the exercise pants I coveted.

See Steph? It was good I used them so often, so now I can return the favor in a way by giving you another pair. Or remember that time I foolishly guilted you into buying that light blue shirt from me because you borrowed it and I thought you bleached it with your face wash/deodorant or something? I'm embarrassed thinking about my pettiness now ... you are so forgiving. Luvs.

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  1. Woot!! I thought your giveaway was fake or I wouldn't have dominated the comment section like that...

    Also, you were 100% justified in making me buy that shirt.

    Finally, don't think I didn't notice your failure to mention our biggest lounge-bond of all time (unpleasant though it was): that time I came back from a weekend trip to find you asleep. On my bed. Naked.


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