Saturday, March 31, 2012

Poodle Pants: A Giveway for Loungers

Did you know that Poodle Writes is actually a fashion blog? I didn't either, but it is. Because where else do you go for the scoop on the latest trends in loungewear?

Note how the sherpa lining of both my boots AND hoodie coalesce
into a spectacular homage to Tibetan sheepherders.

Hoodie: Eddie Bauer. T-shirt: High school soccer team propaganda. Lounge pants: Kohls (thanks, Dana!).
Boots: Land's End. Effortless lounge style: Years of practice.

Note the subtle neon color blocking at the waistband.

You can never be too serious about fashion.

That's right, people, we here at Poodle Writes are serious about our loungewear. And to celebrate the soft, sympathetic touches of knit cotton, there's going to be a giveaway. Because sometimes jeans just make you feel too ambitious. Because you have to put something on when you take your husband to school at eight in the morning. Because everyone needs a go-to lounge pant.
The possibilities are endless. Fashion infinity.

Poodle Writes is offering one new pair of lounge pants AND a custom-picked, thrifted (then laundered) t-shirt to complete your lounge ensemble (DI, baby! Nate just scored me some leftie golf clubs there today!). I'd pick you out some lounge footwear at DI, too, but that's just gross. Go buy some flip-flops.

Here's how to enter:

1. Leave a comment telling me what you would do in your new loungewear.

For extra entries:

1. Become a follower (initiation will be at the next full moon; please bring a live dove).
2. Post a link to the giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, tattoo on you calf, etc.

Be sure to add a comment for each extra entry earned.

The winner will be chosen by fate and a random number generator. The victor's identity will be revealed Wednesday, April 4th.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Waxing Politic

Is there such a thing as a muffin with puffin meat inside? Kind of like a mincemeat pie? But a puffin muffin? That just crossed my mind.

Nathan and I went to our caucuses last Thursday, just like a million other Utah Republicans who didn't know what else to do because every other activity was cancelled (MBASA writing group, in my case).

Cute little Mormon elephant.

Our caucuses were held at an elementary school down the road from us. Upon arriving at the table in front of the Wymount precinct room, we found out that Nathan couldn't vote in that precinct because his driver's license bore an address from his single days. So the side-parted Republican tool manning the table wouldn't give him the special green piece of paper that said he could vote ... so Nathan went to his old precinct because he wanted to vote ... even though it was probably illegal we later realized. Whatever.

So I took Graham into the crowded classroom where we found no vacant seats. Then I got peeved because as a woman with a baby, shouldn't some able-bodied man get up from his child desk and offer it to me? This peevishness is evidence of my dual political nature, I think. I think women have different needs than men= not feminist=Republican. I want someone with more than me to give me some of theirs=Democrat. Am I oversimplifying? Yes. Was I just being a lazy mom with a heavy, squirrelish baby? Also yes. Through a bit of musical chairs ... I did eventually get a seat=opportunistic=capitalist=Republican.

Throughout the looong caucus process I learned a few things:

1. Our generation (including me) is woefully ignorant of how local government works.
2. People don't vote for candidates who use their 30 seconds of speech time to go on about how "I want to be a politician as a career, so I think this is a good place to start, oh and by the way, I'll represent you and listen to you." Even if that candidate's wife then says sweetly, "He's SUCH a good listener!" Oh, Wymount, I love you.
3. Graham is not interested in grassroots politics.
4. I have no qualms about invading a grade schooler's sanctum of a desk cubby to borrow a feather of questionable sanitation if it means keeping my baby from squawking through the reading of the party charter. (Democratic wealth redistribution? Or Republican tax breaks because I put the feather back?)
5. Graham's sign for "fish" (popping lips together) is a crowd-pleaser.
6. It's easier to be involved in local politics than I thought.
7. I need to learn more about all this.

After the caucus, Nathan and I talked politics. Were we really Republicans? How could we be more involved? What issues did we really care about?

We might not be Republicans?

I did a survey of my major political beliefs (again, I know I'm going off of party stereotypes here, but I didn't run for a spot as a county delegate--so no worries):

-I'm against the death penalty (D), but mostly because we can't be sure we're right about the verdict every time (R).
-I love nature and think there should be regulations protecting the environment (D).
-I love capitalism; go Walmart (R).
-I think the sick and poor should receive aid (D), but not the lazy or willfully stupid (R).
-I think everyone should have the opportunity to access health care (D), but government involvement should be minimal (R).
-I believe immigration reform is needed (D), but I don't think living in America is a human right (R).
-I believe unions generally impede progress and cripple the necessary purifying fire of capitalism (R).
-I think a great education should be available to all children (D).
-I don't think the rich should pay a higher tax rate (R).
-I don't think it's wrong to vote according to my morals (R).
-I believe abortion is wrong (R), but I wonder if its universal legality is necessary to protect the rights of victims of rape or incest, or those with medical problems that make pregnancy life-threatening (D).
-I love Pell Grants (D).
-I believe in equal rights for women (D), but I don't think men and women are the same (R).

Non-scientific Score:
D: 9
R: 10

So does that make me a moderate Republican? I think so. I'll stick with the Republican label, if only to keep my grandfather from rolling in his grave. :)

Grandpa in a BLUE tie??? My favorite!

While I'm on this red, white, and blue soapbox, I'm tired of people making sweeping generalizations about political issues: "The GOP is pure evil!" "Liberals hate the Constitution!" "It's Wall Street's fault I can't afford an iPad!" "Feminists eat babies!" "Big oil is scum!" and on and on.

Come on! Is 50% or more of the country (an estimate of how many people would disagree with any of these statements) really completely wrong? Guess what, Tea Party? Obama is not Satan; he didn't single-handedly thrust our country into the deficit by throwing a massive Hawaiian luau (or was it a Kenyan luau?!?). Guess what, hippie tree-huggers? Without oil companies, you likely couldn't afford to buy the bracelet handwoven by African single mothers and transported across the Atlantic on a ship powered by caterpillar toenail clippings.

I'm disappointed that I haven't found a candidate who is immune to making these types of comments. Maybe it's a testament of the mercurial, Colosseum-spectator nature of our country's votership--but I'm tired of it. I want a candidate to be honest and analytical--not sensationalist and rude. So I'm voting for Graham.

There's something very Teddy Roosevelt about this picture.

What are your thoughts on politics these days? Are you 100% Republican or Democrat? What issues do you waffle on? Is the waffle Belgian? Would Ron Paul eat the waffle?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cheating on Hans Zimmer

I'm in the process of de-thieving my iTunes collection. I've been meaning to do it for years, but since getting married, my music listening and acquiring habits have nearly disappeared (maybe because married life is its own beautiful symphony?).

The Jolly Napster.

Let me explain what I mean by "de-thieving." I've never illegally downloaded music. What I have done is uploaded old roommates' CDs, accepted mix CDs as gifts, and kept music I downloaded from my family's collection while I was living at home. Generally, I feel that keeping music I didn't pay for is wrong. Poor Enrique Iglesias is missing out on the royalties from another Escape album sold because my Latino-music-loving roomie let me download her CD for free.

For you, Enrique, I will make partial amends by posting a link to your album.

So I feel bad about keeping the roommate downloads and the unpaid-for, though well-intentioned, gifted mix CDs, but I'm conflicted about the music I acquired from my sisters and parents while we all lived in the same household. The mere presence of conflict should alarm my conscience, right? Or is there some law that says my mother's Yanni collection can be mine as well? (Please, don't take away Live at the Acropolis!!!)

How can I live without this?!

Please advise. Help me secure my place in line at the great record album in the sky while also saving me from deleting such favorites as The Mask of Zorro, Come Away With Me, and Sounds of Summer.

(I also recognize I could just purchase all my favorites for myself ... but we just started this horrid thing called a budget ... kill me now.)

Do you feel bad about keeping music you haven't paid for or have been dishonestly gifted?

P.S. I simultaneously love and loathe the word "gifted." Happy shudder.