Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Isn't it about time ... for tacos?

There are few things more transcendent in life than biting into an expertly-crafted soft shell taco. I love tacos. We had them for dinner tonight.

While I was microwaving the refried beans, I burst into song. "There's always time for tacooooos, at Taco Time!"

Nathan: Wow, is that their song?

Kimber: No, (smugly) I just made it up!

I think I found my new career: jingle writer. Even though my taco jingle isn't particularly inspiring because it suggests that at places besides Taco Time, there just isn't time for tacos. But that's a dirty falsehood! There's always time for tacos everywhere for everyone. Tacos are a universal truth like that.

A taco experience:

Mexican bus stop: where friendships are made and catcalls fielded.

I ate some of the best tacos of my life at a little cinder block taco shack called Tacos Lunas while on my high school senior vacation to Mazatlán, Mexico. Deciding against the tacos de cabeza (brain), I started off with some carne asada tacos and the ubiquitous Jarritos soda (pineapple flavor). Then I got a little more brave--I tried the tacos de lengua (tongue)--I was a senior, after all! After daring to try the lengua tacos and finding them deliciously tender, I thought, "What the heck, I'll try the mad cow tacos, too!"

I was young and invincible. The most important thing on my Creutzfeldt–Jakob-free mind was whether or not to get back together with my boyfriend when I got back to Idaho. I'd spent about 200 pesos calling to wish him happy birthday from the bathroom of the hotel room I was sharing with five of my girlfriends. 200 pesos got me ten awkward minutes of him telling me about a rafting trip he took with another girl, so I didn't feel bad about only getting him some lame dolphin magnet as a souvenir/birthday present. I ate the cabeza tacos. I got back together with my boyfriend. Perhaps the one and only time a taco has forsaken me.


  1. This post brings back way too many memories! Good thing you eventually dumped that brainless boyfriend. Also, we are all tan and beautiful in that picture! There shall be another beautiful tan Mexico trip in our future, mark my words!

  2. Hi i’m Heather! I have a question for you! Please email me :)

  3. For rizzle, look how tan and fabulous we are!


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