Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Guest Post From a Guy Who Lost 40 Pounds

A businessman ... in the woods.

After reading yesterday's post, Nathan wanted to share his experience with our new healthy living program. He was just going to post this as a comment, but it is full-on post worthy, so here it is, the first guest post of the blog, from the amazing Nathan Albrechtsen:

1) I really want Kimber to post our favorite healthy recipes: she has assured me that this is coming up. If anyone is interested in trying to eat healthy, having a few uber-healthy recipes that actually taste good can make a huge difference. (recipes coming soon)

2) I didn't know my mom could read minds. I'm trying to remember what I was thinking while we were on the phone the other day. Does it work over the phone!?

Thanksgiving at Grandma's!

3) One aspect I really like about Kimber's program is that only 2 points are at stake each meal. Even if you make a mistake and each McDonalds for lunch, you're only down 2 points. In most programs this meal would be detrimental: the whole day (or week!) is ruined. Often people quit dieting because they "messed up" and it feels too hard to get back into it. I like that this is not a diet: it has been a lifestyle change that I think I can maintain. Eating healthy is now my norm, not a diet. Even over Christmas, it was ok to enjoy the festive food and lose some points, but after vacation I settled back into the norm to eat healthy again. The forgiving nature of the program has helped me to stay interested.

4) Kimber's system has also taught me that I can't deceive my body. Before the program, I often enjoyed getting a burger and fries... and whatever else looked good in the last 2 seconds of ordering. Kimber would be disappointed when I would tell her, so sometimes I just wouldn't mention it. It kind of felt like "I got away with it." Well, after the program I started to realized that it doesn't matter what I tell Kimber; it matters what I actually do. I can't be unhealthy and "get away with it" because I still subjected my body to that food or behavior. The points quickly revealed my self-deception about how I had been treating my body.

5) My prize chair doesn't look like much, but I've wanted it forever (don't worry, it wasn't $200). Here it is.

The brown rhino that lives in our living room.

6) I have really liked the simplicity of the program too. I don't need a calculator or slide-rule to know my points. Instead I am developing an intuition about what is truly healthy.

7) Sometimes when I tell people about the system, they say, "oh, like WeightWatchers." But I like that it goes beyond watching weight, and it goes beyond just what you eat. It's also about healthy sleep habits and about exercising. I actually get a point for remembering to take my sinus medication because it's an important part of my physical health. You can tie a point to any behavior related to your health.

8) I've written a lot, but I want to say one last thing. I have come to know that caring for my body is part of being consecrated. My body is one of the greatest gifts I have received from the Lord. I believe He expects me to serve him with all I have been given, and that includes my body. If I don't care for my body, I am much more likely to become a burden on my family as I grow old. Instead I hope that retirement will be a time when I can return with vigor to serve the Lord full-time to build His kingdom. In some sense, not taking care of my body meets the quintessential definition of sin: giving up what is best for me and what I want in the long-term in exchange for a moment of pleasure.



  1. You guys rock. How's that chair treating you? Bowman just got the same one.


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