Monday, February 13, 2012

Graham's Birthday!

Graham turned one yesterday, and he celebrated the occasion with a chocolatey spectacle.

For your viewing pleasure:

And if you aren't a grandparent and don't want to watch all fourteen minutes, Nathan has written down the most entertaining moments if you'd like to fast-forward.

0:00 lighting candle
0:20 happy birthday
1:00 playing with cake/ throwing
1:25 1st taste
5:43 ice cream
6:30 lifts plate
8:46 peek a boo
10:00 going down to plate
11:43 drops plate
12:15 next piece
We love Graham!


  1. I notice the cake throwing stops once the sugar has hit his taste buds....and I like how he goes from looking studly with a chocolate pseudo goatee to a scary looking chocolate Bozo the Clown.


  2. He is SOO stinkin' cute, I am dying over here!! Why have I lived so far away for most of this precious child's life??? Seriously, he is ADORABLE and I wish I could play with him (and you, obvi) in real life!

    You guys are such fun parents! I totally loved this, thanks for allowing the world to partake of the Graham-y goodness!

  3. ha ha..that was faaannnttaassstiic! Just imagine how many brain cells he developed during that one experience! He is THE cake-miester

  4. That was awesome! I don't think any of you kids got that messy. but I didn't give you chocolate either! I'll bet cleanup was fun!


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