Friday, February 3, 2012

Graham Overload

I'm a candy cane! (8 mos.)

I think I'm cutest while sucking from a straw.

Or smiling and sitting outside the temple.

San Diego temple!

Mmm grass. Nom nom nom.

I love Grandpa Albrechtsen!



Oh, just a baby lumberjack sitting on his daddy's lap.

Baby slug!

A bloke lookin' to fix his mate's day vay day player.

Don't tell Mom I'm playing in a plastic bag!

Never thought Daddy would be the one to style my first official mohawk.

Christmas means carnage!
Luggage, where art thou?

Forget it.

A pose I was considering for my diaper fashion shoot.

Scissors?? By my face??

Woah--did you just cut off my mullet?

Only candy can appease me.

I guess I still look pretty suave.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To maximize his utility! Haha! Thanks, Naked Economics, for that one.

Me and my pal Jade. Oh, and Mom too.

Getting into stuff.

Behold my cuteness.


  1. He still doesn't have that last tooth on the bottom! What a cutie pie.Can't wait to see you guys in April.

  2. i just had a stroke.....


  3. Kimber he is so adorable! When does he turn 1 again? Also, how do you know Jade? He was in one of my classes at PHS.

  4. I cannot believe that you have a kid (vs. a baby... I always believed you had a baby.). So grown up! So adorable! Also, San Diego!!!!

  5. your son is so worth coming to look at your blog tonight. so cute. what a fun family! (laughed out loud at your day vay day line.) you say so much in so little words here. love it. well...i guess the pictures help too, let's be honest. rebecca


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