Tuesday, February 14, 2012


You know who I'm talking about. The verbal syrup that comes oozing from your car speakers at night if you're lucky enough to hit that magic radio station. Delilah. Worst name ever for a radio personality specializing in love songs ... or perhaps the best. I'm still waiting for Samson to call in.

I always pictured her as a brunette ... maybe with a perm. She'd have a thoughtful face and maybe look a little like a professor, specializing in women's studies, naturally.

Now, Kevin, I'm going to find a special song to help you tell Jessica what's in your heart.

But today I read a CNN article about her.

 Ummm, that is NOT Delilah. Blonde??? Curled hair? Eyeshadow? Raises emus?

While the article did portray a benevolent woman who has done a lot of good, I just can't believe she's the real Delilah. I feel like someone close to me died.


  1. I TOTALLY agree! That CANNOT be her!!

  2. Seriously! What, blonde? I just listened to her last night and decided I picture her with yes, brown hair, that has a touch of silvery gray.

  3. Really? I always pictured her as blonde who looks just like the lady from The Gods Must Be Crazy - http://www.flickriver.com/photos/62100938@N02/6697702451/


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