Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to Feel Like You're Exercising Without Exercising

I know this seems stupid--why would I want to feel like I'm exercising while I'm not really exercising and therefore not getting any of the benefits?

Because I think I should get some emotional credit for doing useless, hard things, like the following:

1. Take a cold shower. You just feel tough while you stand under a stream of frigid water. Just as good as running a 5k, I think. For wimps: shower before your husband and baby on Sunday morning. And a google search just led me to this. Maybe it isn't useless suffering.

Oh how I love the tiger/belly dancer mural inside!!

2. Eat spicy food. Oooh it burns so much but it tastes so good! Just like sweat in your eyes, the cramp in your calf! Glory! For Nathan: Order a "ZERO" when the man in the turban at Bombay House asks for your tikka masala spice level, on a scale of 1-5. I sure likert Indian (nerd alert on myself!).

Let's not talk about the requisite hair bow ... sick. We should talk about my beyond awesome fuschia Frankenstein water bottle.

3. Sleep on the ground. When I was semi-little, the night before a soccer game I got it into my head that I should sleep on my bedroom floor, believing it would give me an edge the next morning. I don't remember the train of thought that led to such dorkiness, but I do remember waking up several times in the night, thinking, "This is so tough and awesome; I'm going to play so well tomorrow."    ??????

So when you want something like that runner's high but you don't want to, you know, run ... just do something useless and uncomfortable.

Now, if you'll excuse me while I go walk on cold concrete; I need to feel like I'm losing a couple pounds.


  1. you forgot to add....eating celery. You burn more calories eating it than the amount of calories is actually contains. Also...drinking ice water also burns calories from your body having to warm itself up! So...sit back, relax and have a tall, ice cold drink of water, a stalk of celery and some tiki masala!

  2. I slept on the floor when I had chicken pox because I thought it would toughen and cure me. Our thought process is eerily similar, and probably misguided.


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