Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Fortuitous Collard Greens Errand, or How I Met Kacy the Blogger

Today at Macey's, while purchasing a butternut squash and collard greens (my first time), I ran into one of my favorite bloggers. Literally ran into. You know when you awkwardly try to push your cart past someone else's through a narrow passage? And there's the chilling squeak of cart metal on cart metal? And you mutter a noncommittal "excuse me," but really you're regretting trying to go through in the first place because carts are always bulkier than you thought they were--kind of like my hips in a Target fitting room.

Eat your greens!! You will meet your favorite blogger if you do.

Then the owner of the other cart turns--her profile reminds you of someone--then her face is that someone: Kacy. This is embarrassing, but her old blog url was, so in my head her blog and somehow her name was "kasm" to me.

Anyway, I was starstruck and said something stupid like, "You have a blog."

Then she was nice and friendly and for the life of me I couldn't remember the real name of her blog (Every Day I Write the Book) and I didn't want to just yell, "Chasm! You write Chasm!" I just blathered on about how her blog is my favorite and I feel like a stalker because I'm like "Hi, Ellen!" (her little daughter's name--the daughter who was in the plastic car attached to the front of her cart) and I've always wondered what I would say if I ever met a blogger and now I know I would just have nothing intelligent to say .... on and on I went. She was very cool, told me about going to Alt Summit, asked me my name (Kimber--I remembered that at least), if I'd commented on her blog (maybe once or twice--I'm a bit of a lurker), if I had a blog (Poodle Writes--then later I worried she might think it was Poodle Rights like I was a PETA freak--I'm not! Poodles are for eating!).

Broccoli poodle: I love the internet.

She said she would look up my blog, so Kacy, if you find my little patch of internet, please know I'm not as weird as I was at Macey's today. But I really do wear gray sweat lounge pants with my brown ski coat liner all the time. In public. With my boat shoes.


  1. WHERE do you come up with these pictures??? Glad you are back in the saddle, or back on the poodle?

  2. Well is he on the wagon or did he fall off? (Sadly, I think I am the only one that will understande this comment. How many of your readers are Seinfeld nerds)

  3. My maiden name is Kacy Ann Sack McNeal. I was always embarrassed of the Sack, but those are my initials: kasm. Today you make me proud of them.

    Mmmm. Poodles.

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  5. Aah! I love my life! This is hilarious. Sorry for laughing at your pain.


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