Monday, January 23, 2012

All I Really Need to Know I Learned From My Cinnabon Addiction

First off, did you know that humming is essentially singing through your nose? I learned that tonight while humming a lullaby to Graham.

Second, I have a great nutrition tip. If you're trying to be healthier and there's something sinfully delicious like, oh, let's say a homemade imitation Cinnabon (the last of the batch), and it's lounging seductively in its Pyrex on your stove, oozing its siren song--a duet of butter and refined flour--you know how these things go, how the cinnamon goo pulls you in, the tub of cream cheese frosting a willing accomplice to the whole scandal  ... JUST SMASH THE WHOLE THING ONTO YOUR KITCHEN FLOOR.


Broken glass has a funny way of destroying even the most intense cravings. I think I've solved our nation's obesity crisis.

Silver lining: I don't have to clean the dish.

Pyrite lining: A couple months ago, in a foolish frenzy of "simplifying" my life by getting rid of "excess" "crap" "I'll never need," I gave away my two extra Pyrex dishes in this same size.

Golden lining: We finally cut off Graham's double mullet.

Pass the pomade, please.


  1. Your child is perhaps the most adorable little boy I have ever seen.

  2. Thank you for passing on your Pyrex tip. If only I hadn't made those brownies in my aluminum pan, I might be 5 lbs lighter. Your son is cute, but as a new Grandma I have to say it-- my grandson is cuter.


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