Friday, December 2, 2011

Komodo Teacher Melon


I was playing charades with my cute little niece Olive and adorable nephew Cole when this magical moment occurred:

Cole: (on all fours, prowling about his living room, hiss/grunting)

Kimber: Lion?

Cole: No.

Kimber: Tiger? Panther?

Cole: No. I'll give you a hint. It starts with "komodo."

That kid rocks.

In other news, I was lame and didn't go visiting teaching in November. Not to brag or anything ... but I don't think I've flaked out on my VT duties in probably three or so years. Maybe more--I'm that on top of things. Perfect record, baby. Until I was lame and forgot that Thanksgiving vacation would consume the last golden days of the month. Sorry Jocelyn and Cody! I'll make you something delicious this month. The truth is, I really love visiting teaching. It's pretty much a great excuse to make two new friends in the ward. I knew Cody in high school, and let's just say I'd want her in my handcart company. She's rock solid. And Jocelyn is witty and stylish and has a cooking blog that I drool over. She was also my older sister's roommate several years ago. Come to think of it, my older sister knew both of my teachees before I did, and probably better than I do. And I didn't visit them in November - gah!

Today Nathan and I went to Magelby's for lunch with a LivingSocial (Groupon wannabe) coupon. We got the buffet (natch), and it wasn't as good as I remembered it from when I went there for lunch with my family at graduation. But the dessert buffet was heavenly and made it all worth it. We noticed that the restaurant was filled with older, well-coifed, and amply-jeweled people ... most of whom we vaguely recognized from somewhere. We felt like we were in the Provo mafia lair.

The guy who cuts the roast beef looks exactly like these dudes, sans glasses.

We also came up with this dumb joke, inspired by the fruit salad:

Girl melon: Honeydew you love me?
Boy melon: Yes! Let's get married, now! To Vegas with us!
Girl melon: We cantaloupe.

An Israeli melon ... too conflicted for a union.

I had something else to say but I can't remember it. I think it had something to do with how the Christmas season makes me feel inadequate as a housewife because I don't own a glue gun and I'm not currently snorting tinsel.

 Oh well, back to reading Mistborn.

Is it a belt or a fanny pack? We'll never know.


  1. Mistborn is better than crafts any day. You just inspired me to do visiting teaching this month. Somewhere angels are giving you extra bonus points....

  2. Have fun reading Mistborn, we have all enjoyed it. Thanks, Louis. Love your melon joke.

  3. shocker..I didn't do my VT in Nov either! I want to read Mistborn, I just need a copy.

  4. I love you. That's usually the first thing that comes to mind when I read your writing. Speaking of which...


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