Saturday, November 19, 2011

El Capitan 'Merica

I chose a picture of little captain because I like him better this way.

Nate and I just watched Captain America: The First Avenger.


Graham was definitely preferring Nathan over me today. One time he burst into tears when Nathan left the room. Two reactions to this Daddy-favoring: 1) Cuuute, he loves his daddy so much, 2) WHAT? I gave him life! blah blah blah mother's ranting anthem of justified martyrdom blah blah what the heck?!

We went to Ruby River Steak House tonight. I got a filet mignon. Where has beef been my whole life? Also I had a deep-fried yam. Why they deep-fry it, I don't know--who eats the skin? But the inside was like world peace covered in molten heaven (i.e. candied pecans, marshmallows, and cinnamon butter). Thank you, Sadie, for the recommendation. But sourdough bread as their free bread offering? Psh. Nobody likes sourdough bread.

Thoughts on Captain America (spoiler alert: Captain America dies kind of but not really. Ok, socially he dies if you know what I mean):

I thought the skinny version was cuter.

They should have emphasized the continuity of his character between pre- and post-buffification. They highlighted his patriotism in the beginning, but he was kind of meh afterwards. Maybe I'm just touched more by the underdog ... and after he became the super daddy under-doggy he just seemed less awesome and sympathetic as a character. I wanted some vulnerability.

Must protect Peggy from the inactive grenade! So cute. I wonder how they attached his head to a twelve-year-old's body ...?

Richard Armitage (aka John Thornton from North & South!!!) as the assassin who kills Dr. Erskine ... foaming at the mouth! Gah! What about the rose in the hedgerow??? From cotton to cyanide ... who knew?

I'm about to crunch my suicide pill, Margaret ... crap, wrong movie! Ack!

Peggy's marksmanship= yee haw!

I rock a red lip (matching my nails!) and a half up-do. And I'm chums with Wallace & Gromit because we're all British!
Final thought: America always wins. Get used to it. We rock. So grab your kitschy vibranium shield (that's really a boomerang?) and put on your awesome WWII era clothes, we're going to melt an ex-Nazi red skull-faced megalomaniac with a Norwegian cube that he found in a secret compartment in a wall with a tree carved into it. That's basically it.

P.S. final thought: I love Tommy Lee Jones. He's the same character in every movie he's in, but I love that character so I don't care that he has no versatility. He's like an ice cream maker--good for only one thing, but a really good thing. To contrast, Edward Norton is a Swiss Army Knife. A completely different kind of gadget.


  1. I thought I read that they filmed the movie normally and then digitally DE-enhanced his body for the before scenes because putting his head on another lame body looked too weird. So that IS technically his body. Just digitally shaved. Since you are in the mood for writing, how about writing my paper about a comparison between Japanese and Chinese social mobility during the Son dynasty? Eh? What do you say?

  2. I love sourdough bread!
    We just watched The Green Lantern. I love it when the chick recognizes him with his tiny green mask on! I loved the movie.
    Take advantage of Graham loving Dad!

  3. We hated Captain America! When they started doing all of the cool stuff they slowed it down. The CGI stunk and the plot was lame. Tommy Lee Jones was the only redeeming part


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