Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Yes, Get Rid of the Postal Service


Two reasons. Two pieces of mail, specifically. They were both lurking like toads in my mailbox yesterday.

1. A notice reminding us to renew the registration on our car = inevitably safety check fail = $$$

2. A ticket from running a photo-enforced red light = $$$


Ready to forgive, I went back to the mailbox today. What did I find? Ads.

Die, USPS, die!


  1. Where was the ticket from? I like stamps; I don't want them to die.

  2. I think the streaking eagle head image is all wrong for the USPS. How about a snail instead? After all, it is snail-mail. I think the mail delivery trucks should actually be shaped like snails for comedic effect, a design that is equally effective at discouraging delivery drivers from speeding.

  3. In Korea, it is customary to run certain red lights if nobody is coming. Especially when everyone else is driving a dinky Daewoo, Hyundai, or Kia (Killed In Action), and you are driving a white, 15-passenger Ford Van with limo tint windows and US Government tags.

  4. Hahaha, your uncle kills me. I can just envision a crazed rampage through the narrow Korean streets: "I'm driving a van and I'm an Americannnnn!!!"

    Anyway, don't go USPS, don't go! Who will send out my baby announcements?

  5. Agreed! All we get in the mail is bills and ads :(


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