Friday, September 9, 2011


The MBAA (MBA Association) opening social was last night at Rock Canyon Park in Provo. A sign at the bottom of the park said "MBAA at top pavilion." So we went to the toppest pavilion we saw. A crowd of obviously BYU students were milling about, eating BBQ food.

Nathan: I don't see anyone I know. Are you sure the second years were invited?

Kimber: Yeah, and what's with the only soda available being caffeinated Dr. Pepper, caffeinated Mt. Dew, and Sprite? What kind of school do you go to? (caffeine=darkest sin)

Nathan: Seriously.

So we grab one of the few remaining Sprites and decide to set up camp next to a friendly-looking couple before we grab burgers.

Nathan (addressing couple): I've learned my lesson enough times to ask which one of you is in the program.

Man (smiles): I am.

Nathan: Are you a first year or second year?

Man: Second year.

Nathan: Which track?

Man: Uhhh, what?

Nathan: Which track are you? (the MBA program has several different emphases to choose from)

Man: (confused look)

Kimber: We might not be at the right party. Is this the MBA social?

Man: No, this is the construction management party. The MBA party is up the hill.

Nathan and Kimber: Ohhhhhhhhhh. Well, thanks for the Sprite.

Kimber (once we are out of earshot, judgmentally): That explains all the caffeinated soda.

Because we all know people in construction are coarse and caffeinated!! Bah.


  1. Haha, it very well could have been a law school party. We love our caffeine over here...


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