Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Team Writing

When you are just a few words away from hitting 45,000 words and want to get there fast, enlist the help of your husband. Magic will happen:

Miss Farley sniffed. “He did—though through letters from a supposed ‘Aunt Eleanor.’ He offered me twenty quid for every bit of gossip I could procure. I refused, of course!”
And then, Darth Vader beamed into the room and strangled Emile with his dark force!
“GAaaack,” he wheezed through the death grip.
“Give me a cupcake if you want to live!” Darth Vader intoned.
Just as he was about to die, Thor flew in with his might hammer and golden locks, and said, “Darth, I am your father!”
He hammered his head off, and it was gross—all over the rug.
The pursuit of the terrorists continued.
That’s when Thor turned to Madeline. “The black plague has taken almost the whole community. I no longer believe in God.”
“Thor, you are a God!” Madeline exclaimed, clutching her bonnet.
“S.H.I.E.L.D doesn’t think so,” Thor said, poutily, his red cape flowing in the Victorian zephyr.
I'm pretty sure this passage will secure me a book deal.


  1. hmmmm....seems like you two were using a little 'magic dust' when you wrote that.

  2. I just found your blog because Nathan posted about it on Facebook a while ago. I was in Nathan's freshman ward at BYU. And I think your blog is seriously hilarious! And I find your posts on writing pretty inspiring. :D


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