Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Phone New Phone

After dropping my red little "Rant" one too many times, the screen broke and I had to live with the white screen of death for a few days while Nathan came to terms with signing another two year contract with Sprint so we could upgrade our phones.

The "Rant"--always reminded me of Lindsay Lohan for some reason.

Behold, the replacement. The Sanyo SCP-2700:

I never text, "C U 2nite." Shudder.

This wannabe Blackberry beauty is fun. What makes it so fun, you ask? Let me tell you. It's not the useful keyboard, or the moody dark blue I love, or even that the screen works. Here's why the Sanyo SCP-2700 is the coolest phone I have (at least until Nathan gets me the iPhone of my lustful dreams).

1. The Ring Tones. I have so many to choose from--all in addition to the classics like "Asian Bell" and "Ring Tone 7" (don't we all just love "Ring Tone 7"?) There's "Luxury Time" that's just begging for a Beyonce voice-over. And what about "Invisible Emotion" (as opposed to that visible emotion that floats around our faces like mist) ... I'm pretty sure it was thisclose to being the backup beat to a TLC song. But my personal favorite is "Gloomy DJ." I can just see him in the club, recently dumped but showing up to work anyway because he's devoted to the music--but he's down, he's depressed, he's ... gloomy. Like a little rain cloud he conjures fat beats and scratches wicky wickies. And then I answer the phone and talk to my mom. Except my mom hates calling people on the phone so I probably talk to someone else.

2. This isn't really about the phone, but it's in the phone, so it's pertinent. Apparently I put Cinnabon in my contacts list when I lived a few blocks away from them in Seattle. I would call them right before they closed (usually when the craving struck) to make sure they had one left for me to come buy. I would beg them not to close and then rush across the freeway to secure that Mother Theresa of all buns. Then one time I went there with Nathan while we were dating and they recognized me as "the girl who always calls ahead." Gah.

I would date this.

3. Something else in my phonebook: "Computer KASS." This was the computer-automated phone system that would call me at six in the morning to see if I was willing to substitute teach that day. Too bad after substituting three times (once each in kindergarten, middle school, and high school) I decided that I hate children, education, and doing anything while pregnant.

Graham and Nate laughing at a blonde joke.

So that was more about my phonebook than about my phone ... but really, the phone is pretty average. It calls people. It rings when people call me. It has a little Gloomy DJ living inside it, crying.


  1. Sorry about hating to call people. I am the worst

  2. Hey Gloomy DJ, it's okay!

    That's very nice that you have a new phone and all, but mostly this post makes me miss your first ever cell phone that you got freshman year. I adored waking up to its psuedo-Harry Potter theme music alarm! That sound made me happy to wake up, which was sort of a rare occurrence, if you remember. "Let me make my own decisions!"

  3. I'll call you. Or more likely text you while studying for my ridiculous Botany test. Your AUNTIE loves you. And my ring tone is the BEST. For my calls, I get Terisa's stern bordering on angry voice "Mom, this is your phones ring tone. Answer the phone." For texts, I get "Mom, you are receiving a text. Wiggle wiggle. Wiggle wiggle. Wiggle wiggle. After years of not having a phone, I needed a ringtone that would catch my attention. I love my Rant. Sorry you broke yours...

  4. i love the 'moody blue'---good name for a rock band...oh wait......I'm sad that your mom doesn't like to talk on the phone, well actually i think she hates to make CALLS on the phone because i always have to call her and when i do she always has plenty to say.


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