Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Awww Man

The blog, once again, has been neglected like an ugly old hamster owned by an ADD child. I hope that metaphor rings as true with you as it did with me. The child loves the hamster, yes, but does he feed it? No. Then the hamster dies and becomes "saucy" and is buried in a neighbor's yard, its grave marked by a Sharpie'd piece of cardboard. Semi-true story.

Not related to my hamster metaphor in any way, but you all come here to see pictures of Graham, right?

I've been having some blog-stalker moments. No, don't worry, no one's stalking me. I'm not that cool of a blogger. But I am that cool of a stalker! Let me explain.

Please, Mother, explain!

Last weekend Nathan, Graham, and I visited Nathan's brother and his new esposa in Washington, D.C. As in, the home of this awesome blogger who inspires stroller/fashion/food/hair-envy in me. Her little baby girl is just a few days older than Graham, so naturally they'll get married and Graham will have some really awesome in-laws. Anyway, we were also there because Nathan was presenting a paper at an engineering conference that weekend. The rest of his lab would be staying at a hotel downtown and attending church at ... the Capitol Hill Ward ... potentially the ward of the stalkee!!

Look! I'm a Nephite!

Would I see her at church? Sit in the pew behind her and let Graham charm her daughter with his two-toothed smile? Discreetly touch the sleeve of her boutique vintage blouse and be instantly healed of both my seasonal allergies and my addiction to basketball shorts? One could only hope.

Mom just gives me this old toothbrush to chew on.

Then this stupid thing called Hurricane Irene happened. And church was cancelled.

Psh, stupid hurricane.

So I'm still wearing t-shirts and dressing my baby in second-hand clothing (not even thrifted, people, I got his whole wardrobe for free!). I'm still sneezing and not wearing mascara because it's harder to rub/itch my eyes with makeup on. I'm still frumping it up in Provo.

And loving it.

Because of these fellows:


  1. Awww, that second photo is a gem. (But alas, the last photo with the tree sticking out of Nate's head...)

  2. Only your mother would notice that about the tree coming out of Nate's head. Actually, no, I noticed it too. I take umbrage at the ADD child remark. My children never killed a hamster.......although Terisa DID drop one of our aquatic frogs down the heating vent resulting in a rather sickening sizzling sound......

  3. If I could make comments as witty as your mother and aunt I might. But I just stalked...I mean stopped by to say that I agree with your mom and love the 2nd picture! I think you should have a caption contest for that one.

  4. How is Graham supposed to marry his cousin? I didn't know you were into that. hmmmmm

  5. Mum-yeah, I wish the tree weren't there.
    Auntie-I apologize. And I can't get the sound of sizzling out of my mind.
    Katie-I wasn't talking about Nate's brother's kid (for he doesn't have one)--I was talking about the baby of a blogger who also lives in DC.

  6. THERE WAS NO SOUND! And I did not drop it! It JUMPED! I can't help if you bought us suicidal pets! Although I feel like referencing our gerbil experiences would have made sense. *shudder* Also Graham is freakin cute! I love how he is expressionless in all the photos and then the last one was Blam! Cute little baby freakin out!


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