Thursday, August 4, 2011

So I Overpacked ...

I've come to realize that of the truckload of stuff I brought to Houston this summer, I really only needed about a third of it, and that's with using the word "need" generously.

But my dreams of making crème brûlée made me bring my ramekins (both the large and small sets).

My aspirations of getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight inspired me to bring my size 6 charcoal Express "Editor pant(s)" ... even though they still need to be hemmed, even after over four years of owning them.

The "Editor Pant" ... I'm pretty sure these will help me get published, either because of the homage in the name, or else the posh omittance of the "s" at the end.

Visions of fun-filled game nights prompted me to bring Risk, Monopoly, Scrabble, Canasta, and more. I guess I forgot Netflix existed when I packed those ...

All these, and more items, have remain unused the entire summer. Gah!

Popcorn air popper? Collecting dust. Brown canvas wedges? Deemed to dangerous to wear while carrying a baby. Mug with the Boy Scout logo on the side? Not allowed to use it, according to Nathan.

I have too much crap!

So today, I went on a purge. Kind of. It was probably a junior-level purge. Or maybe novice-level.

I threw out:
-expired coupons (pretty painful, I know)
-a stained, white hair band (took some effort)
-empty battery packaging

Okay, okay, so I have a long way to go. But I am a believer in simplifying and getting rid of stuff. Before we moved to Tejas I threw out/gave away about 75% of my t-shirt inventory--which seems like a big step until I tell you that all of the purged were either white (I hate white t-shirts), the wrong size, or full of holes in compromising areas.

Tomorrow I will throw ten things away. ... Two of those things cannot be trash. Baby steps.

Also tomorrow: my first airplane trip with a baby in tow!! I better go overpack.


  1. Hey don't forget you have a little sister who loves your clothes! :)

  2. Len said to tell you that you are well on your way to not being spotlighted on the "Hoarders" tv show. Way to go!

  3. I overpacked on my first trip with Heidi. It caused Bryan to require me to make a list of everything I wanted to bring and run it by him. :) we brought much less stuff. His secret?

    If you can think of any possible way you can do without it, you can do without it. I pack things I "might need." He goes to the greatest lengths to make it so he won't need that thing. things, to him, diminish his quality of life. Most objects aren't worth the space they take up.

    And that trip? Much more enjoyable.

  4. And just now, without seeing my comment, he complimented your title image by saying, "Nice use of white space. Looks so clean and simple."

  5. This topic is one of our serious "relationship issues." Moving here, Bowman wanted to bring our entire collection of Indian spices. Oh my word, NO. I wanted to bring my sewing machine and all of my fabric scraps. Over his dead body.

    Seeing as we are still married, I don't really have to tell you that we have an entire cupboard in our small kitchen dedicated to the spices of the Mumbai markets, and that you can't walk on one side of our bed due to a large "Brother" brand box.

  6. Why am I now just finding your blog? I love it! Good luck tomorrow with the babe and airplane ordeal :)

  7. Sadly, you have inherited the "buy some pants and hem them later" gene.
    We actually went camping this past week with, of course, sleeping bags, pillows, sleeping pads and a tent. But I was amazed at the stuff I grabbed from the trailer (about 6% of it) and we survived!!! I only wished that I had brought more plastic forks and spoons.
    Still packed too much food in the cooler, though.
    And, since our house is 1000 sf smaller, we have gotten rid of A LOT of stuff; but with Robbi taking up a room, we need to get rid of more...


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