Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Library Love

I love the library. Love it!  Because:

1) Free books. Duh! And when I'm done, I give them back--my shelf space is reserved and I don't have to haul them around every time I move.

2) Free movies! Granted, the selection is not that great. But they are free. Take that price-hiking Netflix! On a sidenote, while I think raising prices almost 60% isn't the most customer-friendly move, I do have to admit that $16/month for unlimited streaming and about 8 DVD's a month (that's our turnaround rate if we hit the mail just right) is still a pretty darn good deal.  The real downside is that I'll feel like I need to watch more TV/movies to get my money's worth. And I would really like to cut down on my screen time. So I can bond with the environment, you know ... which in downtown Houston consists of the little grass patch outside the exercise room. Or the hummingbird-sized mosquitoes.

(Do PETA members swat at mosquitoes? I really dislike PETA. I like animals (both on a bun and off), but come on!)

3) My baby just woke up ... he likes libraries, too. Board books in Spanish, anyone?

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