Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Love X-Men

I just saw X-Men: First Class.



How did I not know about Michael Fassbender? "But you killed my mother." !!!! Kevin Bacon's head gets the jukebox treatment!

Preferred powers: telekinesis and telepathy ... so pretty much I want to be Phoenix, but without all the crazy.

Check out my belt.

But we're talking about First Class, not The Last Stand (which was disappointing).

Nathan didn't like the disparity between Xavier's character in the beginning (hitting on girls in bars, drinking from the huge test tube thing) and the end (benevolent and wise)--he said there was too much maturing too fast. But James McAvoy is just so cute--like a powerful little mouse with a cute accent.

Mystique--played by the girl who will be playing Katniss in The Hunger Games. Personally her head looked funny while she was in blue mode--a bit wide. She is no Rebecca Romijn, but I think she did well. Does anyone else think it's weird that she's a sixty-year old in the other movies? Yes, her cells age more slowly ... but it's awkward to think about an old lady running around naked, and blue no less!


-Hugh Jackman cameo. Although ever since my bridal shower when I named him as the one celebrity I would leave Nathan for (joking! of course), my poor hubby has a bit of a complex about him. What made it worse: it was a joint bridal shower with my future sis-in-law, and when it was her turn to answer the question, she just blushed and said she wouldn't pick anyone over her fiance. Way to make me look like a scarlet woman ...

-Emma Frost's awesome sixties style. Big hair, wide belt, fluffy Russian hat ... awesome.

-How the Nazi coin came full circle.

-The retro X suits.

Am I a diver? Or a kick-tush X-Man?


-Magneto's helmet at the end. Red horns? A bit much, Erik.

-Mystique's total rebound from Hank to Erik ... but can I blame her?

-Cold War plots aren't my favorite because ... nothing happens. Okay, so there was great action in the movie, but it just feels overdone.


-The movie.


  1. Oooo. So do I!!!
    I suppose I should actually READ the blog now....

  2. Oooo. Now I want to see the movie. James McAvoy is a favorite of mine. Have you seen Last King of Scotland? (clearplayed, I believe) Marvy. He was GREAT in Penelope, I thought, even if the movie was a bit predictable.

  3. We LOVED this X-Men movie. I thought it was brilliantly done.


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