Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Nathan!

The two men in my life, and five of the doors in my life.
My wonderful husband is 27 years old today! That's late twenties! Gah!

Nathan is pretty great.

He is smart (760), funny (haha), tall (5' 11"), dark (but still Caucasian), handsome (left and right), and sweet (naturally).

He can bench press Graham (probably more?), tie his shoes, and make popcorn from scratch.

Breakfast fit for a father.

He works for the most profitable company in the world, of all time. He can grow a beard really fast.

His feet are well-groomed (a rarity in men, I think), he can fly a (toy) helicopter (named Choppy), and four is his favorite number.

Nathan's #2 baby.

Nathan hates spiders, cheese, ignorance, and terrorism.

His favorite book is Great Expectations. His favorite movie is The Testaments. His favorite person is me.

He is my husband, and he is wonderful!


  1. Four is my favorite too!! And, clearly you weren't fasting. I don't know if we can associate with you anymore. Just kidding! Glad you had a great day!

  2. I'm guessing that is Father's Day breakfast.
    You're a lucky woman, Kim!

  3. awww..happy (belated) birthday to a great guy..he married you after all! And Great Expectations is an awesome book, no matter what jessica says.

  4. It was a father's day breakfast, but you are still right, we weren't fasting. We were traveling back from El Paso. But maybe you could count only having a crummy continental breakfast and then rolls for dinner as fasting.


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