Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hairy Thoughts

I don't know why, but I'm suspicious of girls with bushy eyebrows who are otherwise stylish and attractive. They are always so confident, so comfortable with their bushy selves. And I envy them--not the brows, but the boldness.

Like two furry eels leaping towards each other for a kiss.
Sometimes I don't shave my legs for weeks on end (my Utah winter coat, you know), but I usually cover up that little garden with pants or dark tights on Sundays (because dark blond hair does show through beige nylons--learned that the hard way). So I don't think hairy legs can count as my antibeauty anthem. I don't have the pride to flaunt them.

I used to consider my poodlerific head of hair my "statement piece." But guess what? Pregnancy turned my hair straight! It took me twenty two years to figure out how to deal with that Brillo pad and now it's on its way out. I think it's starting to go curly again, but I'm not quite sure. What I do know: I look like a total dweeb with six inches of straight hair and six inches of curly. Gah!

I look like I'm growing out a perm. Blegh. Also, what's with the Leno chin??


  1. Hmmmm....well when I first met your mom she had curly hair like you.....and now? Maybe it's a family curse, or blessing.

  2. It was a perm. And I had made the mistake of going back to the shop to have them "fix" the lousy job they did the first time. The poor girl cried; then she destroyed my hair.


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