Friday, August 12, 2011

Graham is .5 Solar Years Old!

Happy six months, Teddy Graham!

To celebrate, Graham barfed all over himself while we were driving around Houston looking for a place to live next year. Then Daddy-O bought him a cool green ball to make him feel better, and also because we think Graham should have a ball (a blow-up globe doesn't really count). Then the waitress at Pappasito's Cantina wouldn't stop glomming all over him because he is so cute and she is so disrespectful of a baby's personal boundaries. But can we blame her? Not really.

Happy Half Birthday, Graham!

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  1. Happy half birthday Graham! But I'm curious, why specify that we're talking solar years here? Just in case some of your readers calculate time based on the orbits in a neighboring planetary system I suppose.

    Also, I find it really irritating when strangers kiss/touch the face of/breathe directly on my baby. What do you do? Smile while you squirm inside? That's my usual approach, and then I feel guilty for not standing up for my child's rights. Alas...


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