Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Exodus in Numbers

The blogging famine has ended. Apparently, the process of moving sucks all the creative juices from my being and replaces them with A&W Root Beer, Corn Nuts, and packing tape residue. That is my excuse.

The exodus in numbers:

Let my Wintogreens go!

1,582: miles traveled
5: days it took (including one day of hanging out with the familia in Denver)
11: feet of clearance on our Uhaul
2: roadkilled armadillos seen
3: hours Graham was entertained by playing with a toothbrush
13: dollars spent on beef jerky
34: pages of Great Expectations read
5: minutes spent talking about whether it's appropriate to bear testimony that God has a sense of humor
530: calories in a bag of Corn Nuts (Ranch flavor)
20: questions in a game Nathan and I discovered we aren't very good at (he failed to deduce "seahorse," I "the earth")
2: number of nuns in a minivan who saw us pointing at them
6: inches pillow in Texas hotels are short ... everything's bigger in Texas, except the pillows!
3: Albrechtsens very happy to be done moving, for now.


  1. glad you made it back...I was going to say "home" but I'm not sure what you consider "home" at the moment. I'm impressed with Graham and his toothbrush entertainment ability.

  2. I can't believe you eat corn nuts. Those things are sick. Jonathan loves them. He is only allowed to eat them when he (or I) is out of town.

    But welcome back to Utah!!! :)

  3. You forgot the 1: conversation on how epicless things are that people refer to as epic.

  4. Sounds like it was an interesting drive. Enjoy the apartment! ^_~


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