Friday, August 5, 2011

El Paso=Houston-Humidity-Trees+more Mexicans

I'm sitting on my motel bed, watching my little son sleep on the other queen in the room. I never knew he stretched his arms in his sleep. I love seeing his little belly rise and fall.

Highlights of the day:

Graham was a charmer on the plane. He only squawked a few times, and besides that was nothing but cute. So he spit up about four times ... on Nathan.

Pizza and carrot cake for dinner. Yum.

Graham got to meet his Grandpa Albrechtsen for the first time! So sweet! On top of that, he got to meet all his cousins, and a few new aunts and uncles.



I was a major Sudoku cripple on the plane. The "warm-up" puzzle was already filled in ... so that's my excuse. I jumped in to the "easy" cold. Then I made a mistake I was too lazy to find. Then the "medium" puzzle was super hard and I gave up before the flight ended. I am ashamed.

While Nate's family gathered around the motel pool to chat, we had the displeasure of learning that white Spongebob boxers do not a swimsuit make. One word: cling. Gah!


Tomorrow I get to go to my first Mexican wedding. Or perhaps it would be a half-Mexican wedding because Nate's brother is American and his fiance is Mexican. I am so excited! Although if any of you were wondering, there will not be a nacho cheese fountain. :(

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