Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Grubby Pigeon Shoppe Presents Boy Bands

I've come to the shocking realization that there's no money in being a stay-at-home mom. For some reason I thought Graham would be giving me a check every other Friday ... but that hasn't been happening and he won't return my emails. So apparently I'm an unpaid intern.

Come September, Nathan will be back to full-time student status and, like me, be doing nothing for our bottom line except making it a deeper shade of red. Student loan red (look for the paint chip at Home Depot).

What is the answer to this problem? Budget more? Have Nathan take on a part-time job? Sell some of my excess crap?

Uh ... how about OPENING AN ETSY SHOP?

Why I didn't think of this sooner is beyond me, because I'm super duper crafty and artistic. Pretty much Gadianton Robber crafty. Why, in the past two years I've partially completed a knitted pixie hat for Graham, sewn overly large pajama pants, made a ghastly yellow plate in a pottery class, and constructed a defective nursing cover. I'm pretty sure I'm qualified to do this.

Especially because I have the greatest idea ever. There's a hole in the huge market of headbands that I must fill.

I give you the baby boy headband.

"The Dino," just one of many designs.

Why should girls have all the fun of overdeveloping their neck muscles in order to support a massive head ornamentation? Graham feels left out of this party, and Nathan won't let me buy him a Newsies cap. The solution? The baby boy headband, or "Boy Bands," as they are called in my new enterprise: The Grubby Pigeon Shoppe.

Graham's other option. Not in the shoppe ... this is a little hat Nathan used to wear!

Pretty sure I've found my true calling. Visit the Grubby Pigeon Shoppe today!


  1. Put me down for a Tim Taylor!
    PS Don't think that I didn't notice that you skipped monday!

  2. I notice that Graham is turning away in embarrassment with his Boy Band on. You need to get another model for your sure-to-be-forthcoming advertising blitz.


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