Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chocolate Melk and Pee-pee Teepees

Nathan is out buying BYU creamery chocolate milk (pronounced "melk" in our house). I said be back in ten minutes because I'm sleepy ... it's been fourteen! It's not, like, the journey to the creamery is, like, epic or anything (that's for my family ... explanation in a later soapbox about the overuse of the word "like" and the misuse of "epic").

A funny thing happened today. Nathan was fiddling with a couple of these little treasures:

Pee-pee Teepees! A marvelous gift from a marvelous mother-in-law.

These cute little fabric cones are meant to prevent "baptism in the yellow fountain." While changing a diaper, you simply pop a teepee on your baby boy's business and go on worry-free. They are a little flimsy, and mostly for laughs, and also have never been truly tested as Graham has failed to grace us with his Bellagio-esque show when we've remembered the teepee.

So Nathan had some teepees, and this, he later told me, was going through his head (quickly, ie. faster than his logic could keep up with):

Silly teepees. Silly blue teepees. When we have a girl, will we get some pink teepees?

Then he realized his silliness and confessed his runaway train of thought.

And now he just came home, with no chocolate melk because the creamery was closed, as was the Crabtree building where there is a milk vending machine, and the Wilkinson center was also closed ... then the poor boy remembered the vending machine in the Wymount laundry room and so he came home with a pity-Twix.


  1. I would call that a chocolate milk emergency! The BYU Dairy should have an ER entrance for late night choc-milk runs.

  2. I am, like, really wanting an epic glass of chocolate milk right now!


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