Saturday, July 30, 2011

So I'm Reading a Fantasy Novel ...

I'm equally parts delighted and ashamed when I read a sentence like this:

"Blushweaver fell silent, watching the latest display from the firemasters."

I'm reading a fantasy novel. On the cover is this:

Apparently blue eyeshadow is not fashion suicide in the city of T'Telir (of the kingdom of Hellendren, duh!).

I don't think I'm the "typical" "raging fantasy nerd" (as my bro-in-law calls them). I'm not wearing an amulet, Graham's name isn't Wolfsong, and I didn't get engaged during a creative writing class taught by Brandon Sanderson (but I did witness such an event). But then there's the small part of me that wishes cloaks were in fashion ...

Back to reading Warbreaker. Thanks for the suggestion, Jenn!


  1. Louis loves that book and I am pretty sure that he sent it to the fam to read. I just finished the Wheel of Time and am waiting for the last one to come out. You are not a total nerd because you read other books. I actually really enjoyed it because the story is pretty entertaining.

  2. Bahahaha. You guys converted me to LDS, I converted you to fantasy nerds just like me. You think that Graham is going to be amazing. Give me a few hours and he's going to be the head swordfighting nerd at the park on 500 N, 500 W in Provo (if you don't know what I'm talking about, suffice to say that kids with pocket protectors make fun of the swordfighters for being nerds).

  3. I am not really a "raging fantasy nerd" either, but I loved this book.


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