Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My To-Be Wishlist

I have a list of women I aspire to be like. It's not written down anywhere, although I probably should document it so I can do better about remembering all the bits of people I want to call my own.

I'm adding to the list constantly. You're probably on the list. I want some of you. I think you're great.

I want Molly's way of making people feel like they're her best friend, her down-to-earthness.

I want Amy's confidence in her parenting.

I want April's inner (and outer!) beauty, her knowledge of the scriptures.

I want Sister Always Wears Her Hair in a Bow's way of gently making strong points in Relief Society, avoiding the fluff without being harsh, and knowing the doctrine while knowing people's hearts.

I want Sharon's ability to laugh.

I want Stephanie's sweetness and patience, her knowledge of Harry Potter trivia.

I want to be a glamorous, humble, and competent mom like Melissa.

I want Holly's strong testimony and discipline, her friendliness and willingness to serve. I want an apartment right next to her's again.

I want Dana's skills and her accepting sweetness.

I want Naomi's hair.

The list is miles longer, but I thought I'd get started on it. I feel like every woman I meet has something--often many things--to offer me in way of example. I hope I'm returning the favor in my own way. I feel like if I associate with enough awesome women, eventually they'll all rub off on me just a little, and then I will be covered in their coolness ... the eraser rubbings of wonderful women. How's that for a metaphor? Ha!

Tomorrow: videos of Graham.

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