Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 3rd--The Beginning of My Revolution From the Tyranny of Singleness

Today is the third anniversary of my first date with Nathan!

Our second date ... too lazy to turn on the other computer to get to the pic of our first.

We were in Seattle ... for me it was a land of rain, love, and a multitude of parking tickets.

We were set up on a blind date by Nathan's ex-girlfriend's twin sister, who was my friend and coworker, Brittany. She had been asked on a date by an interesting fellow she met as a Young Single Adults activity. Brittany wasn't quite sure about spending an evening alone with him, so she wanted to arrange a double date.

Brittany and I were part of a research team in Seattle for the summer, studying families and what makes them successful.  Nathan was working for Boeing as a mechanical engineering intern. Nathan ran into Brittany at a YSA event, and upon finding out that she worked with a group of twenty BYU co-eds, Nathan said, "Set me up!" Poor Nathan was living with some interesting roommates at the time and was desperate for some positive social experiences. His flatmates consisted of 1) a sweet but awkward guy named Eddy Fish, 2) his landlord's mother who acted more like a teenage girl, 3) the landlord's mother's cat who Nathan made peace with after a Sunday school lesson about respecting animals as God's creations, 4) a meat counter man who lived in the garage, 5) John Casper--a squatter and con man (got Eddy Fish in $10,000 debt in a matter of weeks) who had recently recovered from being shot in the head.

So Brittany, when faced with the awkward first date, remembered her interaction with Nathan, and came to me with the proposition. I had plans to go to free museum day, but upon checking Nathan out on Facebook and receiving assurances from Brittany that although he was her sister's ex, he was also really quite nice, funny, smart, and charming--I agreed.

Stay tuned for how the date went. I'll give you a preview: it involves a pyramid salesman, a 14-year-old little brother, and a Native American naming ceremony.


  1. Thank you, Brittany, for the wonderful son-in-law!

  2. Agreed! PS you need to watch Kid Histories on youtube. The one about the car ride is the best and the "Fact" guy reminds me of Nathan.


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