Friday, July 29, 2011

It's About Cannibalism

I just finished watching The Way Back, a film adaptation of Slavomir Rawicz's memoir The Long Walk, an account of his and a few others' escape from a Siberian gulag (tsk tsk Communists!) and subsequent 4,000 mile trek to freedom through the Gobi dessert and Himalayas. Then I made the mistake of Googling the story ... and found out it was potentially all made up. My warm, fuzzy, inspired feeling was just consumed by the dark gray skepticism monster.

You will be thirsty while you watch this.

Anyway ... in the movie based on the book which may or may not be true, the little band survives by eating a snake. There's also a gross moment when Colin Farrel eats a little grubby caterpillar. Colin Farrel also contemplates eating some of his companions.

All this made me wonder ... what would I eat if I were hungry enough? Probably not human. Okay, I can say with certainty that I would not eat human. Because the goal would be survival, yes? So if I survived, I would then have to live with that super creepy knowledge that I was a cannibal. It's an elite club, yes, but the membership dues are brutal. Also, I looked up "cannibalism" on, and apparently we don't believe in it. In fact, a gory 1975 Ensign article written by a BYU psychology professor discusses how cannibalism can be seen a corruption of the sacrament.

So people are off the menu, but what about snakes? I'd be okay with snakes, I think. Especially if it were cooked. Snake would definitely not be the grossest thing I've eaten, I bet.

While at a tapas bar in Spain I had the displeasure of consuming the lining of a pig's (Google has corrected me) cow's stomach--unknowingly. That happens sometimes when you don't speak Spanish fluently and you're in a noisy bar and the man behind the counter just hands your roommate a plate of something and you say yes when she offers you a taste. There's a picture of the dish below. The flavor wasn't so horrible, but the texture was just like eating pure fat.

Looks kind of like honeycomb, right? Honeycomb of vomit!

It's a good thing a Carte D'Or shop was a few doors down so I could purge my mouth of the foulness with some expensive European chocolate ice cream.

What's the weirdest thing you've eaten? Feel free to comment anonymously if your answer is "human."


  1. Pegasus kabobs with schnozberry pie for dessert. The meat was tough, but the schnozberries tasted like schnozberries!

  2. Quail eggs. How lame is that. And Laura eats rattlesnake in Little House in the Prairie, doesn't she?

  3. I have had rattlesnake before that we killed at camp wild. It really does taste like chicken. I have eaten kangaroo! Top that

  4. I just remembered that I had tacos de cabeza (cow brain) in Mexico. That might be weirder than cow stomach lining.

  5. A Russian dish called "Kholodets". It's essentially jello made from congealed meat fat and bone marrow. Gross. The taste and texture combined to make me nearly vomit twice while the old lady who fed it to us insisted we finish it off.

  6. Sean, that is disgusting. I'm feeling ill just thinking about it.

  7. We bought a haggis when we lived in sat in our fridge for months; we never had the guts to eat it.
    I did eat a live worm when I was babysitting some stupid kids to show them how cool I was...hmmmmm.

  8. Made up? I thought it was a great book; you mean they really didn't see yetis??? I was convinced.

  9. My husband frequently jokes about eating people, but I'd have to say that the weirdest thing for me is pig's ear.


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