Monday, July 25, 2011

Graham's Riddle

I sit like a sphinx but know no riddles (except this one).
I have a self-inflicted bald spot but I am not a monk.
I have lived all my life in the United States but I do not speak English.

Who am I?


I'm Graham!

Check out this awesome outfit I got from my pal Jennifer (who has yet to meet me!):

I'm trying to channel James Dean here.

I love the juxtaposition of wild animals (bears) with domesticated (dog!). And then there are the frogs--which, in their ability to be found in both fish tanks and natural ponds, offer a nice bridge between the other animals of the outfit. I think they really pull it all together--that's probably why they chose frogs for the showcase area: my little feet. Except I noticed something interesting while sucking on my toes ...

Mutant frog!!!

One of the frogs has four eyes!! It reminds me of those crazy frogs they found a few years ago with all the extra legs and stuff. I was going to put up a picture of those, but they are too scary.

The horizontal stripes aren't doing much for my baby paunch.

So, a while ago I could sit up pretty well if I could lean up against something, like the couch or Dad. But guess what?

I can do it all by myself now! Sometimes I'm a little wobbly, though ...


... and I have trouble getting up. Mom helps me out, though.

And then we make cornbread together. Can you guess how we got them to bake like this?

Oh ho ho, it's magic, you knoooow!

It's time for me to go to bed without any protest, like I do every night, right Mom? (heehee)


Chiquita Grahamana


  1. That boy. He is so precious! The mutant frog looks also like a mother frog with her small child frog peeking shyly over her shoulder as he rides upon her back, going to and from the freshwater pond.

  2. Oh GADFRY that baby is cute. Krista had a beloved history teacher last year that said gadfry all the time, and it reminded me that my Gramma Harper used to say that, now I say it and drive everyone batty. So now I am gadfrying you because Great Balls of Blazin' Frog Spawn that kid is adorable. And seriously, how cruel are you baking all of those muffins and not lettin the boy enjoy the merest of crumbs? oh the humanity.


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