Saturday, July 9, 2011

Diaper Me This, Diaper Me That

So hot right now.
Does it make me a bad mother that the reason I choose Pampers over Huggies is not fit, quality, or price, but that Pampers don't make Graham look like he's wearing a loincloth? I'm also swayed by the character endorsements. I'm all about baby Sesame Street characters (Pampers), and having Pooh on a diaper (Huggies) just seemed a little too punny for me. And before you think I'm some name brand elitist, I can get diapers super cheap from Amazon. Otherwise it would be Costco brand for my little nugget's college baby bottom.

Loin cloth.

Nathan wanted to be extra thorough.
I considered cloth diapering for nearly my entire pregnancy, because the environment is pretty much by best friend, right after money. So I painstakingly researched every cloth diaper brand, materials and their different absorbencies, and how to wash the little cloth demons. Then I realized ... I hate doing laundry. Well, I hated it in Wymount because I had to trudge it all down three flights of stairs and across the quad and then a parking lot to the little laundromat. Then I had to haul it all back. Ugh, it was loathsome. So the thought of having to do that not once a week as per my lovely organized schedule, but every couple of days?!?!--it snapped me back to reality. I don't want to do more laundry; I want to throw that steamy little package in the trash. Huzzah.

Doesn't he just look like sugar cookie dough? Mmm.
I asked Nathan for his thoughts on diapers. He shared his surprise that Pampers hasn't engineered something to prevent the up-the-back blowout. I agree. Huggies has some elastic waist feature that I think is meant to prevent this, but I never saw it succeed. Also, the elastic kind of pulled the tabs inward into the mess while changing, so it caused more problems. So maybe I do have reasons to prefer Pampers.

Well, this post is very mommish and potentially boring or gross to all my childless friends. In my defense, just you wait. You will have little pooping gremlins one day and then see how much of a priority all this is. You'll be addressing the matter about eight times a day for two years (or less if you have a whiz (haha) kid like Graham who is already potty trained! only poops twice a week).

Speaking of potty training ... am I totally naive that I think it won't be that big of a deal? Seriously, just let the kid run around outside sans pants for a few days. He can come back in when he figures it out. He'll love it.


  1. I remember putting 3 diapers on Matt; he woke up every morning in a bog. Enjoy your laundry in your apartment for 1 more month!

  2. Frankly, the Pampers make Graham look constipated and a little anxious. Look at his body language. His hands are up in a defensive posture. His brow is drawn together with what looks like grave concern for his nether regions. In his "Pooh"--Huggies-- diaper, notice the whimsical thrust of his feet. It is as if he is clicking his heels together in pure delight. His hands are down and out, making him look accepting and somewhat comfortable. His brow in the Huggie picture is smooth and unruffled. I'd start paying more attention to these little detail, niecey of mine, before Graham is in therapy for Diaper Dimorphic Disorder.....

  3. He is such a cute fattie! I love fatties. And I'm totally a Pampers mom all the way.


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