Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Behold ... Our Little Water-grubbing, Grunting Eagle

Not Graham. Did you know that a "Baby Eagle" is also a type of pistol? Just like Kimber!

I feel like my entries have been kind of lame lately ... lacking a ton of effort or creativity, you know. A joke about policemen? Come on! So here are two videos of something I did put a lot of effort and creativity into.

Yeah, yeah, we're not supposed to give Graham anything but milk until he's six months old. But Nathan introduced this while I was on the Lord's errand (visiting teaching), so Graham will be protected from water intoxication or whatever else might happen, right?

He isn't doing what you think he's doing in this video ... he's just being cute in a way that only his parents you should love.

In other news, I'm going to my very first benefit gala tonight! I would feel posh and wealthy ... but it's only $10 and a fajita bar, for our apartment complex's groundskeeper, who was apparently in a really bad car accident with his wife a few weeks ago. I will gladly eat fajitas to help cover his family's medical bills, but I can't help feeling like this little shindig is putting an Elmo-bedecked Band-Aid on the gaping wound that is the probably failure of our apartment complex in providing the benefit of health insurance. A soapbox for another day ... I have to go ready my ballgown for the gala ... and change Graham out of his yellow-spotted onesie. (sheepish ... what do you do with poo-stained baby clothes that are otherwise completely wearable??)


  1. So cute! Come visit me soon little water-grubbing eagle! Also, my pediatrician (in Texas) told me to offer my baby a bottle of water twice a day during the summer to help stave off potential dehydration. I don't think it's bad :)

  2. Love the Eagle Dude!
    Can you bleach out the poo?

  3. two ideas:
    1. he is constipated
    2. he is imitating mom when she would tell us the story about when she got the wind knocked out of her and was making that embarassing noise


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