Saturday, June 11, 2011

Moody Broody Gardens

Today we went to Galveston! We went to Moody Gardens and visited the Aquarium Pyramid ... meaning the aquarium which is in the pyramid-shaped building. Our original plan was to go to the Rainforest Pyramid, but spending a couple hours in a humid greenhouse on a summer day in Houston seemed a bit suicidal, and we love Graham and want him to live, so we opted for the air-conditioned aquarium.

Through some potentially shady circumstances, an employee told us  he could get us into an IMAX for free, so after asking him if it was really okay, we accepted the free vouchers an saw Sea Rex! It was about all the reptiles who used to "rule the seas," not to be confused with dinosaurs--apparently that only applies to animals that walked on land. The movie was in 3D, and I love watching all the little kids try to touch the first 3D image that pops out in front of them, all while I suppress the same urge in myself ... because, really, what does a ichthyosaur feel like??

They showed some lovely CGI sea reptile mating rituals, during which the only thing I could think about was how on Pangea they could discern the reptilian mating rituals from fossils. Then the male masothaurustile or whatever it was called accidentally lost an eye while mating (??) and later in the film had trouble capturing prey--no depth perception, you see. Ha! The film was pretty cool, and I didn't feel too bad about letting Graham watch it even though television is supposed to rewire the minds of children so I'm paranoid about letting him ever see anything on a screen.

The best part of the experience was probably waiting in line for the show, though, because this little gem of a conversation took place:

Nathan (to me as I returned from the restroom): This kid (points to kid next to us in line) doesn't believe that we see in 3D.

Me: For real?

Nathan: Yeah! I did this to him (extends his arm and hand in front of him, toward me).

Me: (speechless)

Nathan: (to ignorant child) Put on your glasses.

Ignorant Child: (puts on 3D glasses).

Nathan: (extends his arm and hand in front of him, towards the ignorant child.)

Ignorant Child: Woah!! We DO see in 3D!

Me: If you keep living, you'll be in 4D!

Sadly, as Nathan pointed out later in the evening, I don't think the poor kid has a lot going for him evolution-wise. He'll be swimming with the sea reptiles if he isn't careful.

Us in front of a trash can.

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  1. Like the lady who thought that the hippos at the San Diego zoo weren't real...


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