Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Le Squash

Best sentence I wrote today (still in first draft form):

"She may have smelled like squash and been nothing but a precautionary damper on Madeline’s adolescence, but Miss Farley was a kind and honest woman who would never wish harm on anyone—even a communist villain like Lilith."

I just love the idea of someone smelling like squash--acorn squash as I specify earlier in the book. The smell of squash isn't horrible at all, especially with some butter and brown sugar melted in the center, but it is definitely not sexy. Imagine a little perfume bottle that looks like an acorn squash. Slightly heart-shaped, yes, but also matte army green with ridges. Not something you would want to spray on your neck.

Le Squash, a scent by Kimbre (got to keep it French)

It can be so hard to find time to write. Between trying to lasso Graham into the greener pastures of dreamland four times a day and making myself food that requires utensils, things can be busy. But I really want to finish my book so I can get a real-life rejection letter. I think that will be so fun--to know someone actually read my query letter, considered the pitch, and then deemed it unworthy. I think I will throw a rejection party when it happens--to commemorate that step in my journey to becoming an author. You are all invited, and be excited, because the party favors just might be free travel-sized samples of Le Squash.


  1. even if it does get rejected, can i read it? But with a sentence like that, I doubt it will get rejected. Can I be one of the first to get a sneak peek before it's published? :)

  2. Did you know that Lilith is the name of the original Eve in some chrisitan beliefs? She sinned against God and joined sides with Satan and became the first demon. Then the Eve in the Bible was created. I just thought that was a super interesting fun fact.

  3. Terisa-that's why I named that character Lilith! She's evil and she hates men--just like the mythological Lilith.


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