Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Interview with an ExxonMobil Internpire

Break free from fossil fuels? Not on my watch.

1. What is your job?
I work in the natural gas business at ExxonMobil.

2. Doing what?
We have a liquefied natural gas business where we condense natural gas to put it on a ship and send it to areas of the world where there isn't enough.

At the Museum of Natural Science. The display showing how liquefying natural gas shrinks it to 1/600th its original volume.

3. Top five best things about your job?
-Incredible learning experience. I've learned more about geography in the last two months than in the rest of my life.
-Working with some of the smartest people I've ever met.
-Frequent free lunches (these are good lunches, people. I'm at home eating leftover bean soup, and Nathan's feasting on steak and seafood--courtesy of your high gas prices).
-There's usually fresh pineapple.
-Hundred dollars a barrel? If you can't beat'em, join'em.

4. What do you wear to work every day?
I "get to" wear a shirt and [power] tie everyday. I could wear jeans on Fridays if I were willing to donate to United Way, but that will come when I don't have tuition to pay.

5. What else do you want to say about your job?
Oh, there is one more thing. They just announced that my office is going to be moved to a "campus in the woods."

6. With flannel uniforms?
No. I think it will be cool because it's in a natural setting with a lake instead of downtown Houston. And we'll get to live in the suburbs with almost no commute.

7. What's wrong with downtown Houston?
Nothing; it's fun for the summer. I just don't think we'll want to settle here (downtown) long term.

8. Tell me about the Exxon tiger.
He's pretty cool. Actually, sometimes people leave notes on each others' doors signed "From, the Exxon Tiger," with a little cartoon drawing of him.

A picture I drew of the Exxon tiger while Nathan was applying for the internship. I kept him on our apartment door for good luck, and here we are! Now he's on our Houston apartment door, protecting us.
Nathan's afraid all the comments will be about his hairy chest. Instead of commenting on the obvious, please share your ideas for cleaner energy sources. I call algae oil.


  1. I just realized that internpire was a play on words for vampire. Did anyone else get that or am I just slow?

  2. Don't worry, I just got it, too.


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