Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

This is my dad and his first grandbaby, Graham! It was so fun to see my dad be a grandpa. He was so sweet with Graham, and Graham gave him some pretty cute smiles.

Why I love my dad:
-He can build pretty much anything out of wood.
-He can fix anything!
-He taught me how to garden, preserve foods, play pool, use power tools, wakeboard, water ski, snow ski, make pizza, ride a bike, and so much more!
-Things he's built for/with me: a bed, a to-scale replica of a covered wagon, a wooden piggy bank, a foam-board house for my little foam pencil grip guy (take a foam pencil grip, turn it inside out halfway to form a little doughnut-looking thing, now play with it), a playground, a house, a couch elevator so we could have stadium seating in our home theater, a double helix DNA model, an armed egg pod, blocks, and more and more and more.
-He cries when he reads The Friend.
-He has always been an excellent provider for our family. We never went without what we needed.
-He gave me a love for camping, hiking, sports, building, pizza, the scriptures, and games.
-He is a great example of service. He used to empty all the soda can trash bins  at work and bring the cans home so we could smash them and turn them in for money, which we would use to buy supplies for a local women's shelter. He was also the blood drive coordinator at work. And he's always served in the church, whether through callings or other service activities.
-He told us the best stories as kids: Rikki Tikki Tavi, Mabi Mobi, ghost stories (vampire moose!), etc.
-He is an awesome missionary. When he used to travel for work, he would bring a copy of the Book of Mormon to give to the person he sat next to on the plane. He would invite coworkers to our home for FHE and would always make an effort to share the gospel with our neighbors.
-He taught me the importance of hard work, self discipline, industry, self-sufficiency, spending time as a family, rising above difficult circumstances, and living the gospel.
-When he wasn't working for our family, he was working or playing with us.

I love my dad!

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