Saturday, June 18, 2011

Children's Book Ideas

While perusing the children's board book section of the library, I came to the conclusion that I could write one. It seems that all one needs is the ability to rhyme, and about twenty minutes of time. Haha! See? I'm totally qualified. Also, finishing a fifty-word children's book would be a lot easier than completing my projected-100,000 word novel.

Here are my ideas:

-A cross-eyed pigeon named Peter travels the world, visiting famous pieces of architecture (Eiffel tower, Sydney opera house, Machu Picchu, pyramids, Cordoba mosque, Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal, etc.). He learns a cute little educational fact at each one, taught to him by an animal native to the area, but then he says, "I'm just a pigeon, it's all the same to me." And then he leaves a little white puddle at each landmark. Bestseller.

-That was my only idea.

Look for me in your child's next book order packet! Do they still do those? I loved those as a kid!


  1. They do indeed still do book orders. And box tops.

  2. bahahahaha Kim you're so funny!! loved the line about leaving a little white puddle :D I actually laughed out loud and think I annoyed my neighbors :) And yes those book orders were great although I just remember having fun looking through them but then mom would never let us buy anything haha
    ~Bimbo :)


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