Monday, June 13, 2011

B,L,T: Boring, Lame, Themeless

Deseret Mutual, BYU's student health insurance, does not cover immunizations! Apparently they would rather cover the costs of treating rubella, or else the Hepatitis B that Graham is going to contract soon because he's been begging for a Guns n' Roses tattoo, and how can I say no? For the record, I don't think there exists any tattoo that is not categorically trashy. I don't care how symbolic or sentimental that Winnie the Pooh on your calf is, it's gross.

The cost of immunizations without insurance coverage: $880, so it's off to the WIC clinic with us.
Don't you hate it when something you bought goes on sale? I just got an Eddie Bauer catalog advertising their huge biannual sale ... and apparently I was ripped off majorly when I went shopping there over Memorial Day weekend. Here's the other bad part: I kind of whine a lot to Nathan about how I hate all my clothes and none of them fit anymore because of a certain baby's dairy dependency ... so he sweetly took me shopping and told me to not worry about spending money, because I really needed some new clothes (I pretty much haven't bought myself any new clothes since before we were married--save for a maternity dress, which was more for decency's sake than my own).

We browsed the Galleria, the shopping mecca of Houston, and we weren't finding much I spotted Eddie Bauer, a place I had never before purchased clothing.

Nathan: Uhh, that's like a camping clothes store.

Kimber: (enchanted by the feminine, yet casually dressed mannequins in the window) Just give me a minute to look.

Nathan: (enchanted by the cute baby he's jostling) Okay, I'll play with Graham.

I enter the camping clothes store (it's logo is a goose) and find my heaven. Or at least a portion of it. My usual daily fashion statement consists of a high school era t-shirt, basketball shorts, and a ponytail. Mascara enters into the equation if that fates are merciful.

Without going into too much of the exciting details of trying on about fifty different things, I ended up getting these, and a couple other things.
Blue shirt

Anyway, to the moral of the story. After coming home from shopping, I decided to peruse their website. Apparently one can rate the clothes, so I started reading reviews. And every single one was by a 45-54 year old woman.

Do I dress like an old lady my mother's age?


  1. Guns'n'Roses, I thought he had more class. You do not dress like an old lady. I work with old people and trust me, you don't dress like them.

  2. No, it's just that women my age are the only ones who have time to sit around eloquating about their purchases.
    I have been wearing the SAME long pair of pants (the ONLY casual pair I own) for over 8 months. You must get it from me...

  3. just once I would like to see my sister in a pair of jeans. even if it is on Halloween.
    and it would be WAY cool if Graham got the Title of Liberty tatted across his manly little chest.



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