Saturday, May 28, 2011

Art Cars and Shoe Mooses

After a botched Groupon attempt, we had to change our original plans of going to the Houston Museum of Natural Science. We turned to our new GPS for a list of alternatives. We wanted to go to a museum because Netflix (specifically Cake Boss) can only entertain for so long.

We chose the Art Car Museum. How could that not be cool? I'll tell you how ... 

Actually, it wasn't that bad.

We expected a room full of cars like this:
But we saw only four cars, including the one above, which shoots fire from the mouth and tail and is made of metal forks and spoons discarded by American Airlines after 9/11. The cars were legitimately cool. What a cool hobby!

Then there was the rest of the museum, where we were graced with artistic feats such as this:
There are no words.

On the way out of the museum, the curator's husband (who was filling in for the receptionist) chatted with us for a bit. He found out that Nathan is interning for ExxonMobil this summer and decided to share a bit of his own artwork with us. He pulled up a video on his computer of a dirty sink mounted onto an oil barrel, with oil coming out of the faucet. This was all set to music. Then he made some nice comment about the environment. I thought we left the environment behind when we came to Texas.

This post is about 60 words short of 300, so in the interest of meeting my goal, I'll add a few random thoughts:

I wish I could pull off wearing these shoes. Also, I wish my feet were narrow enough to pull these shoes on. My poetry professor had Sperry Topsiders, and that made me want them.

And 300.


  1. I'm sorry you got my dad's wide feet.
    As for art... What IS the definition of ART????

  2. I found the shoes in wide!
    Art = not a moose head constructed from biker jackets and tennis shoes.


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